CALL OF THE WILD…Planning an adventure trip…Here are important tips!!


Life is not anymore the laidback kind like that of quainter times, it is fast, it is furious, it is tiring, which makes the need for a holiday all the more imperative. Putting in all those long hours at the office might nourish your bank balance but it surely won’t do the same to your soul. While the usual R&R getaways might be the accepted choice an adventurous tryst with nature can be equally rejuvenating. But let me warn you, if you are expecting breakfast in bed, dancing on the wild side might not be a wise choice. While the trip will obviously have a few humps here are a few tips to plan your great escape, rookie mistakes and bad planning can lead to a ghastly experience with little to remember with fondness.

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Choosing a destination

Selecting an ideal location for your trip could be tiresome. Choose a destination of convenient distance depending on your time limit; gather information on lodging and cuisine from a previous traveler, internet or books. You should be comfortable with all the same, and also take note of the unique conditions you must face. Activities and explorations you want to undertake will also affect your choice.


Plan ahead

  • The first thing you would need to decide is whether you want to fly solo or prefer to go in a group. While your own little adventure can be very fulfilling and give you time to reflect on life, it will come with added hardships (Bear Grylls?).

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  • These days there are a lot of travel agencies who are venturing into organizing adventure trips, if you decide to opt for those you won’t really have to worry about a thing.


  • Plan ahead, at least a month, last minute preparations are a big no no as you might end up forgetting things, remember, you can’t just ask the hotel to get it for you.
  • Decide early on duration and season, the climatic conditions of the time will play a major role.
  • Start making small preparations with time in hand, make sure to have your bookings straight (transport & lodging). Holiday seasons might see increased travelers, so be ready.
  • Inform your workplace and friends early, it is advisable to keep at least a day in hand after returning.

Be well researched

After you choose a destination it is imperative to be well researched on the climatic conditions, topography and culture of the place. Remember, when in Rome you got to do as the Romans do. It is extremely unadvisable to get into trouble with the local population. Depending on how many days you decide to go for, make a detailed planning of the time for and locations you would like to visit. Be sure to stick to your schedule, a night on top of a tree will drain all your enthusiasm. Mark down rest stops on a local map and obtain a local contact if possible. The local cuisine will also play a important role, unsavory bowel movements will be a serious spoil sport. So make sure to take note of the food that will be available.

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Pack smartly for the adventure

Packing for such a trip is a subtle art; you would have to carry a number of things while at the same time travel light. Here is a list of things and items to remember while packing.

  • Make sure to carry all important photo id proof, travel documents, local map, important contacts and trip itinerary. Always carry local currency and a guide book.
  • You will defiantly need a rucksack of good quality to protect your things from adverse conditions, try to carry your entire luggage in that.
  • Clothing should be minimal and according to the weather conditions and duration, keep in mind not to carry excess clothing, full sleeves are a must for being out in the open, carry or wear good hiking boots. Rainwear and insulating clothing for emergencies is also necessary. Stick to
  • Material that dry fast, that way you don’t need to carry several changes. A hat and shades are also a must.


  • Coming to personal care you will need to carry toiletries, sunscreen, bug repellent creams, and a first aid kid. You can leave the make up behind. Throw in some dry food for emergencies, protein bars are a good idea, and make sure to have a water bottle in reserve.
  • Carry a multipurpose tool kit for emergencies, including a torch, batteries and a rope.
  • If you intend to participate in special activities like camping, swimming or as such, make sure to carry the necessary gear.

Safety first

All said and done the trip won’t be a walk in the park and you should gather enough motivation to make it through. Keep in mind of the necessary precautions, and make sure not to take hasty and bad decisions, try to keep the adrenaline to a desired level and not to play with danger. Be safe, and remember, as a true nature’s child, you were meant to be wild!




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