We have heard it all the time, ‘She is so nice to talk with’, ‘She is really obedient’, ‘Isn’t she the best. She does whatever I say’ or ‘She is such a good girl, cares about everyone around’. That is how a girl or woman is defined usually!

But times are changing and women are changing for the better! No more good girls, but shifting into ‘bad girls’ which is the call of the hour! We have the new breed now and we are proud to call ourselves ‘The Bad Girl’.

Here are a few signs to determine whether you are the bad girl we need today –


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No more social service and placing the entire world before your happiness! You are the one for whom ‘Me, first‘ is the life mantra! And why should everyone else have fun at your expense anyways?

You do what you want to do

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You are the one who has grown beyond the social norms and ‘log kya kahenge’. You do what you want to do and not what others want you to do! You will not do anything against your will, just to please your husband, or your in laws or your boss or just to be in the good books of the ‘society’!

Yes, you are fiercely independent

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You are the one who buys what you want with your own hard earned money. You are the one who drives yourself wherever you want to go. You are the one who isn’t embarrassed to eat meals alone in public places. Yes girl, you are the bad girl who is fiercely independent!

No, You are not a Pushover

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You know where to draw the line between being nice and being a pushover. No one can take you for a ride!

You fight for your rights

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Let it be that unfair promotion at work or the sleazy touching in the bus, you fight your own battles and raise your voice for every unfair move against you.

You say what you feel, straight on the face

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You are the one who doesn’t sugar coat things and give it back straight to the face! No hypocrisy there missy!

Always on the progressive phase

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You always keep on making yourself better! Take constructive feedback well and try to be better every day.

You are your own queen!

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Last but not the least – You are your own favorite and you don’t need a man to make your life complete!No one messes with you, EVER!

So are you the bad girl? If yes, we know –

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She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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