Catchy mocktail recipes and knowledge about cocktail glasses



Let’s wipe of the blank expression that could cloud your face the next time someone mentions or offers you “a virgin drink “or a Mocktail.

What are Mocktails?

As per the dictionary, a mocktail is “a non-alcoholic drink consisting of a mixture of fruit juices or other softdrinks”. Mocktails are, in other words, the combination of multiple flavours resulting in a soothing and body chilling experience. Mocktails are the ultimate drinks to pep up your evening parties with that extra zing and flavour in comparison to the regular old boring drinks.

Mocktails for Parties

Be it your girls night in, a teen party or a normal sans alcohol or alcohol adult party, you can always bring in some fun with some of this chilled concoction. Throw in some exotic fruits and berries or convert a cocktail to a mocktail, either ways you will be rewarded with a drink appealing equally to the eye and tongue.
3 Must Try Mocktail Recipes

Most often when we decide to pick up a recipe and give it a go, we fall short of ingredients and have to wait till the next visit to the grocery store to fulfil the dream of conquering another recipe or serving your surprise guests with some of your delicious drinks. Thus here are some of the easiest recipes that you can come up with, with the usually common ingredients available in your pantry.

Virgin Mint Lemonade:  A rejuvenating cure for the parched throat, this drink is made sugar, fresh lime juice, water and mint leaves. The preparation involves mixing the sugar and part of the water to make the syrup followed by the mixing of the remaining water, mint and fresh lime juice separately. Lastly, the two are mixed together and then served with ice or refrigerated for an hour and served chilled.


Cucumber Mint Mocktail: This zesty refreshment is a mix of sugar, cucumber, lime juice and mint leaves. The drink is prepared by initially blending the ingredients in a mixer and extracting the juice followed by adding crushed ice and serving it with sprigs of mint and lime. You can always substitute the sugar with salt as per the preference.

cucumber-mint-vodka-lemonade-best  Cucumber-Mint-Gin-Coolers

Pineapple and Lemon Refresca: Pineapple juice, Lime juice, soda, pineapple wedges and mint leaves constitute the ingredients of this revitalizing mocktail. The drink is born out of a blend of ice, pineapple juice topped with lime juice and soda with a garnish of mint leaves and pineapple wedges.


Types of Glasses you can serve a Mocktail in

Mocktails are not only just meant to serve as a feast of flavour for the eyes, but a pleasurable savoury experience as well Hence it is important to have to right kind of glasses to serve this happy drink in to create the right impression

Following are a few of the common mocktail and cocktail glasses to be stocked up to showcase your delicious drinks.

Cocktail Glass

marggoodwp.com_28811 419BOrBVQ3L

Collin’s Glass

glass_scene8 cocktail2

Brandy Snifter Glass

Martell_in_brandy_snifter brandy-snifter-lrg8116146223

Pilsner Glass

Pilsnergeneric Personalized+Classic+Pilsner+Glass+(Set+of+4)14197939_120804023000

So pump up your next party with some delectable mocktails.




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