Innocence of Childhood – A Must Watch Social Spotlight Photo Series


They say, “There is a child in all of us”. So true. All of us miss those carefree innocent childhood days where playing was the top priority on the agenda and we did not need to have real reasons to have a good laugh. Small and silly things made us giggle so easily.

Stylewhack team in this edition of the photo series ensures that you go back to those good old days atleast for sometime.

Laughing at silly jokes

IMG_5954 childhood
Laughing at silly jokes

These children, especially the girl in the yellow dress, burst out laughing every time someone said a very silly word. Such is the innocence of childhood.

Twins happy to wear same patterned dress

dsc025551 childhood
Jubilant twins

These twin sisters were jubilant when this photo was captured. You know why? As twins, they mostly wear the same dress at the same time. Today however, they are wearing the same patterned dress but in different colors. And that is ALL it took to make these chipmunks walking with their mom to be really delighted!

In all our everyday tribunes, maybe we have forgotten this pure state of mind and happiness. Let us go back to being a child at least on some occasions!

Shweta is a project co-ordinator at a Pune based NGO, working on sustainable urban development. Art in all its forms captivates her, and she expresses herself through the written word, photography, doodling and short film making. Life is all about creativity, what you are is what you create. She believes every one and every thing has a story to tell and somewhere it will resonate with yours.