So, you are a fashion fiesta model of your circle and love coloring and heat styling your hair strands? Then, you must also be bothered with the dull and frizzy stands. Sometimes, even sun drying hair makes them brittle and lifeless. If you are tired using thousands of products to make your hair shine again and have undergone weekly sittings for hair spas and failed! Then, don’t be anguished. Solution is here  – proper hair care and cholesterol spa.

Cholesterol spa helps your treated hair to absorb and retain moisture. This makes the damages and dehydrated hair gain lustrous texture. But remember, eating up large amount of cholesterol through food is not going to help your hair. You will get serious health issues for sure. But this therapy work opposite for your hair.

Steps For Cholesterol Spa:

Apply: Apply the cholesterol deep conditioner cream onto well combed and portioned hair strands, leaving 2 cm from the roots of the hair.  Leave your hair with the applied cream for up to one and half hour or unto at least 15 minutes. Cover with shower cap.

Cholesterol spa apply
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Massage: Gently massage your hair with this cholesterol cream. Massage increases blood circulation.

Cholesterol spa massage
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Hot Towel Treatment: Give you hair hot towel treatment or hot steam. This helps better penetration of cream.

Cholesterol spa towel treatment
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Shampoo: Wash it off as you do normally with lukewarm water. Use mild shampoo for better results.

Cholesterol spa shampoo
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Air dry: Let your hair air dry and you can feel the nourished soft and shiny hair.

Cholesterol spa air dry
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This  therapy leaves hair moisturized and stunning like never before. Discover a new you with silky soft and frizz free hair.

Tip: You can add essential oils or carrier oils in this cholesterol cream. This gives far better results. Shea butter and cholesterol cream have amazing results and it is a must try for damaged hair.

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