5 Reasons Why You Should Drool Over The Birthday Boy – Dharmesh Yelande

Dharmesh 88

Dharmesh Yelande, fondly known as Dharmesh Sir, has proved his mettle time and gain. From a sober, sincere looking contestant to a handsome, confident judge, he has voyaged a long way. On his birthday today, Stylewhack  gives you 5 reasons to fall in love with him.

1. Because his dance moves are totally fabulous!

Dharmesh is a known face in the dancing world, but there are so many non dancers around the globe who love him for his sheer talent and passion for dance. His crisp, clean moves leave you craving for more. So impressed was Farah Khan by Dharmesh’s lyrical hip-hop and locking moves that she promised him a role as a choreographer for the movie Tees Maar Khan.

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2. Because he made it from rags to riches. All by himself!

Dharmesh hails from a humble background where his father worked in a tea stall and he himself worked as a peon for quite sometime. He now runs his own dance academy in Vadodara (AKA Baroda) known as the D’virus Dance Academy.

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3. Because his journey is both motivational and inspiring

No one ever imagined that the stammering Dharmesh Sir in auditions would go on to be the runners up of DID season 2. He was the most popular and most voted contestant of the show. Post which he was part of Team Jalwa as a contestant and choreographer where his team emerged to be the winner . He was also the Captain of team Wakao in Dance India Dance Li’l Masters season.  He was also one of the judges of  MAD-Mhanje Assal Dancer.

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4. Because being humble is one of his greatest assets

In a generation where people flaunt their command on English language as their biggest strength, Dharmesh lets his dance do all the talking. Everyone makes fun of his English, but he is completely cool about it and you never see him flipping out or losing his temper if anyone pokes a joke or two at his Englisss.

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5. Because he wowed us with his acting talent

He was one of the most loved actors in ABCD and ABCD2. His flip followed by the statement ‘On thhe spot, golspot’ also became famous.

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Here’s wishing Dharmesh sir a very Happy Birthday!


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