Dipa Karmakar age 22, is making India proud as she becomes the first Indian to qualify THE WORLD GYMNASTICS CHAMPIONSHIPS FINALS.

She started her training at very young age of 6, she has a flat feet which is considered as one of the biggest disadvantage in the field of Gymnastics.

She was also first ever women gymnast representing India and wining Commonwealth Games Medal in 2014. Now she has again set a new record of becoming the first Indian to qualify for the finale of the World Gymnastics Championships.

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Dipa has been constantly winning medals and in 2015 she won Bronze in the Asian Championship.  She had been awarded with Arjuna Award for gymnastic in 2015.

Dipa Karmakar has a guaranteed chance to mark her place in Rio Olympics 2016.

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India is a place where everyone person has spark for sport in them but just few hard working and dedicated people make it their career. Sports is an off-beat career in India except for Cricket where it is one the most charming and glamorous sport in India.

Thiruvananthapuram : Gymnastic player Dipa Karmakar who bagged five gold medals at the 35th National Games in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday. PTI Photo (PTI2_6_2015_000157B)
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Dipa Karmakar, has raised high hope for every Indian and showing path ahead for gymnasium in India. Wishing her Good Luck and may she sparkle around the Globe.

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Here is video of her dazzling performance in 2014 Commonwealth Games:

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  1. That’s a remarkable feet for Indian at the highest stage. It’s quite vague that even after having a huge population in India there’s are hardly few countable athletes in the country !

    But, despite all those crisis where there is not much boost for this game she came up all cylinders firing !!!! Great display of art in gymnastics !

    A bright hope for india heading towards Rio Olympics 🙂

  2. True!
    Indian are highly confused between feminism and Woman empowerment
    According to me this is real Woman empowerment.
    Still wonder y this was not in news
    Making India Proud