You might have travelled around the world and tasted some exquisite dishes. You might also have learnt to cook some of those for your occasional cravings. But when you are really hungry or really sick there’s nothing better than ghar ka khana. And by that we mean comfort food that can only taste good when made in your own kitchen. No matter wherever you go, a simple dal chawal will never fail to bring a smile on your face. Simple, tasty and sufficient to bring back memories, here are our favourite Indian comfort food items.

Lip smacking aloo-puri

Hot and crispy puris dipped in an aloo gravy made with lots of spices is love!


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Healthy Idli- Sambar

This little white guy has won everybody’s praises right from the homes in South India to the hearts of all other states in India. Don’t ever forget to put loads of sambar and chutney on top of it!


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Delicious Poha

Made with flat rice and your choice of veggies, the simplicity and deliciousness of poha will never fail to impress us.


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Rajma Chawal anyone?

The smell of spicy rajma curry with rice will make anybody book tickets to get back home.


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Everybody’s favourite aloo parantha

Imagine tearing a piece of generously butter-smeared parantha and when you take a bite of it, the taste of flavourful aloo tickles your tongue. Yes, that’s the power of an aloo parantha!


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Dal Chawal be the best

When you are really homesick, all you want to eat is some dal chawal made by your mom. Some pickle along with it just completes the meal!


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Baingan ka Bharta

You might not like brinjal but you will never be able to say no to a bowl full of baingan ka bharta ready to seduce your taste buds.


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You might have grown old but your longing for kheer filled with almonds, cashews and pistas will never grow old. Ever.


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Momo Momo Momo

Thanks to our North Eastern friends, momos have successfully entered our everyday lives. Paneer, cheese, veggies, pork, chicken, beef…fill anything into your momo!


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Some Halwa pampering

Any good news is treated with instant halwa that has the power to soothe anybody’s soul.


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Appam- Stew Forever

This dish is famous in Kerala but now people from all around the country can’t stop talking about how yummy this is!

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Anything Chicken

Chicken lovers will crave for anything chicken, anytime!


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Anybody said FOOD?

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