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Women do lead as models for fashion and style. But, men can’t be left behind when fashion is considered. Men’s fashion gear has its own unique place in the society. Filled with a dandy-worthy and cool dude attitude men grow in style every day. Men are eager to jump to the next notch in fashion and styling. Spectacular hairstyles, hair coloring and haircuts bring a complete makeover to their looks. From highlights to punk colors men should follow their hearts to look fashionable. Try these spectacular men’s hair color ideas this season for a formal to casual style statement.

Hritik Roshan’s Glamorous Look With Golden Highlights

Hritik Roshan is definitely looking glamorous in this rugged and wavy hairstyle. The dark reddish golden highlights on the naturally curly and voluminous hair look stunning.

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Deep Red Hair Color For Playful Look

Men with fair complexions look best in deep red hair colors or their undertones. The close-cropped hairstyle with deep red hair color lends a playful look to the wearer. Men with darker skin tone can also wear deep red hues but with darker and warmer undertones.

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Trendy Medium Gray Hairstyle For Men

One way to hide graying of your hair is to dye them all gray! It’s a trend setting hair color for modern men. You’ll look smarter and stylish when gray is combined with the all new spiked-up look like the one below.

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Warm Chocolate Brown Hue For Formal Occasions

Hues of brown create a cool and stylish impression amongst the crowd. It is the best hair color to be worn on formal occasions. Chocolate brown hair presents a trending personality. Fair skinned and medium complexioned men can pull of this color attractively.

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Shah Rukh Khan With Blonde Streak

SRK’s blonde streak had stirred his fans with awe. The makeover for his film Happy New Year was an audacious decision. Nevertheless, his fans were pretty happy with his new funky highlight and cute ponytail.

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Impressive Copper Brown Slicked Back Hairstyle

Copper brown hair color suits best on curly hair. Whether done in delicate highlights or entirely. The copper brown tone enhances your youth and makes you impressive. Comb back your hair or crop them short this hair color is just dandy-worthy.

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Dark Purplish Dip Dye Hair Color For Men

Like women even men can opt for dip-dyed hair coloring techniques. If you don’t believe us take a look below. This picture shows deep purple dip-dyed ends with jet black roots. A bit of movement brings out both tones beautifully. This hairstyle looks best with straight and sleek long hair.

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Stylish Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair color is the new fashion mantra for guys. Most men in western countries do dare to bleach their hair pale blonde and transform into style icons. Imagine how would Indian heroes look in a bleached blonde hair color???

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These are just a few shades men can wear for a trending look. If you want to create a crazy and bold fashion statement you may even opt for rainbow hairdos, fiery orange tones, and electric blue shades for your hair.




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