Ray of Hope: Magical Love – Can Anyone Fall In Love Again?


“I Love You” the most magical words which comes from our heart and take over mind, body and soul. These words make life beautiful with the person we love most. Our Bollywood masala movies show that “Love” can happen only once in life time and we just blindly believe in that and follow the suit. But is this practical? Can’t one fall in love again? The answer is “Yes”. The magical love can happen more than once. You may fall in love with that same person each day making life and love magnified. If you are heart broken and have had loved someone from the bottom of your heart, then you may argue saying “Love just happens only once”. But the real fact is people fall in love numerous times in a single life. Yes this is true. Remember you fallen in love at the teenage, those roses worth of your canteen bill but you still bought them for her, fasting for whole day to save few pennies. Each one of us have gone through this and but we are still unclear about the True Love happening twice. Here are few reasons our heart remains open for love despite of being broken many a times.

You want to come out of your LOW STAGE – Depression!

And you loved and were loyal and even struggled for it, yet things did not fallen in place and you two got separated. This is the story of majority. Our heart constantly strives for that one person in our life who cares for us and understands us and hence, it keeps on wandering from one person to another who will make you complete in all senses. And once you allow your heart to accept the defeat, you will be out of low mood and life completely changes once again.

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To Kill The “Loneliness”

After the blues, all you are left is with loneliness. Being alone for some time to cry out the pain is okay. But to be alive and yet dead is not what your heart prefers and hence tries to seek attention from friends and obviously from someone special to come out of trauma which is gasping you deep inside.

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Because Love… Completes You

No matter how you got ditched, you accept the fact and try to move one with someone who truly completes you and fills life again with dreams and a ray of good hope. The sun may be down and darkness must have filled inside you but love from a true lover who loves you for what and how you are makes you smile again and you fall in LOVE again.

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Love can happen twice or more than once but the experience is hugely different each time. With the age we tend to accept the reality of life and eventually the understanding and maturity level is also increased. Falling in love feels great and takes you to the dreamy heaven with increased emotions and feelings with heightened senses. Don’t resist falling in love if you have failed in one, cherishing the treasure of good memories and opening your heart for a great experience of new and tender love once again. “Love may fail because of wrong people but it never dies or loses its value because of wrong ones.”

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