Easy Makeup Hacks For Monsoon

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You spent your morning curling up or straightening your hair strands and corrected your eyeliner for that perfect wing shape and just when you were about to step out, it starts raining. All the efforts you had put, go in vain. The monsoon is really a confusing season for our skin. The humid and moist climate demands more hair, skin and makeup care. Don’t let the rain pours wash off your makeup and hair style and leave behind a messy you! Here are exclusively easy beauty hacks that every woman should have up her sleeves this monsoon!

Makeup Hacks For Rainy day:

  1. Prefer Primer: During monsoon, always prefer to use primer if at all you are in need to use foundation. It holds your foundation for longer duration. Light water-based foundations are great options in the rainy days.

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  1. Use BB Creams: Use BB creams for daily use purpose. Use makeup base which is light as this will reduce makeup melting. They allow your skin to breathe in the humid weather. Avoid concealers.

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  1. Creamy Blush: Instead of powder blush go for creamy blush. In monsoon, prefer light colored cream based blush. If needed, you can dab some powder blush on the cream blush.

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  1. Waterproof Your Stuff: Use cosmetic products which are water proof. The water resistant mascara is a great choice for this season. Instead of liquid eye-liner, opt for pencil or gel eyeliners if you seriously don’t wish to have panda eyes. Gel or cream based eyeliners are long lasting and they don’t fade.  It is the most important beauty hack for the monsoon season.

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  1. Matte Your Lip Colors: Prefer using matte shades. Matte shades work beautifully in the monsoon season. Do not forget to dab some loose powder over a tissue barrier on your lips. This prevents bleeding of your lipstick.

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  1. Avoid Eye Shadows: Say NO to Drama! Keep the eye makeup subtle in a rainy day. Waterproof colored pencil liners are best to flaunt the graphic eye look. If necessary use cream based eye shadows.

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Simple Hack For Hair:

  1. Tie Your Strands: Monsoon is a best time to tie buns or flaunt your pony tails, as humid weather leads to frizzy hair. Use a light hair serum regularly. Avoid styling your hair.

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General Beauty Hacks:

  1. Finish IT Up: Use water based sprays to finish up your make up. These sprays are meant to hold your make up and you will not need frequent touch ups.

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  1. Clean! Clean!! And Clean!!!: Always remove your makeup before bed time. Let your skin breathe. Clean your skin with splash of water after removing all the makeup. Clean your makeup brushes and keep them hygienic. Use them, only when they are completely dry.

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  1. Avoid Touching your face: Rainy season is a host of many harmful bacteria. Avoid touching your face frequently, skipping the havoc of bacteria to the skin. Use face wipes whenever needed.

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These beauty hacks can help a lot in rainy season.  Maintain skin hygiene and flaunt in this romantic season. Happy Monsoon!

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