My Diwali Contest


The Style Whack Diwali Contest is here and you don’t want to miss it!

Diwali is just about going to knock on your doors. It marks the beginning of shopping, decorating your house, eating yummy food and of course gifts! When Diwali is right around the corner, how can we forget to gift you lovely readers!

So, this Diwali, we want the world to know your best memories. It could be a memory personal to you, something that reminds you of family or a lovely memory to remind your friends or family about. Here’s what you need to do for the #stylewhackmydiwali contest-

  1. Send us a Diwali picture of yours that brings back an amazing memory to you.
  2. Complete the statement “This Diwali will be extra special because____________”
  3. Don’t forget to also send your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter handle names

All entries will be published in the iStyle panel of Style Whack. Three lucky winners will win a chance to GET FEATURED IN STYLE WHACK’S DIWALI SPECIAL ISSUE!*

So if you want to get famous, we’re ready to give you the big leap. We, at Style Whack are super excited to see all your entries and cannot wait to share it on #stylewhackmydiwali.

HURRY UP. SEND YOUR ENTRIES AT [email protected]

Or just fill in the form given below.

If you wish to send more than one entry you are welcome to do so. We will select the best of your pictures and feature it. You will be notified when we publish it on I-Style.


*All three winners will get an exclusive feature written about them. We will let the world know who you are, where you’re from, your lifestyle, your personality and every other awesome thing about you. Trust us, you’re about to get famous!

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