Mysterious video that shook the world – Can You Solve this Mystery?


A creepy and mysterious video is making rounds over the internet which shows a disturbing visual of a person wearing a mask and an American bill as an eye patch along with a torturous music in the background. You must be brave hearted to have a look at this video.

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It all began when Johny from received a CD at the Swedish Post Office addressed to him by name. On primary observation, it seemed to be a CD containing some alpha numeric code written on the CD. However, the entire internet world was on fire when Johny played the CD and then uploaded the video. Experts from all over the country are now racking their brains to decipher the message hidden in this mysterious video.

CD Cover mysterious
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When the audio of the video was examined and a spectrogram was prepared, it showed quite a few disturbing visuals. The spectrogram showed words like ‘You are already dead’. There are visuals showing mutilation of women, a person with a shear in the throat, a skull with some numbers in the background and other sinister scenes. But what has captured everyone’s attention are the words “RED LIPS LIKE TENTH” which experts are saying might be an anagram for ‘KILLTHEPRESIDENT’. The mystery does not end here, there are co-ordinates hidden in the video which gives the GPS location of the White House in the USA. The puzzle seems to get eerie day by day with new things being discovered in the research.

You are dead mysterious
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mysterious Skull
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There is a Reddit thread specially dedicated to this video, where internet sleuths all over the world are trying to crack this mystery. The various other mysterious images can be found at Imgur posted by 2 contributors.

There are various theories floating around – some say it is just a simple Halloween video, maybe a PR prank, or someone who wants to mess with Johny from the or it might be something very real and a warning of a terrorist attack on the US. Whatever might be the ultimate truth, the reality is the video is making everyone nervous and let all of us hope that it is just a prank and nothing more.

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