NH10-Movie Review (4/5)



Critic’s rating : 4/5

Star cast : Rajkumar Yadav, Anushka Sharma, Deepti Naval, Neil Bhoopalam, Ravi Jhankal

Director : Navdeep Singh

Genre : Action Thriller

Running time : 135 minutes

“No Turning Back”


Story – The lovely couple Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) are Gurgaon dwelling professionals. One night when Meera is walking out of a party, she is attacked by a group of Hoodlums. Though she escapes from there this incident leaves her traumatised. With Arjun blaming himself for not being there, he comes up with a luxurious desert holiday to make up for it. At a late night stop at a Highway Dhaba for dinner, they end up witnessing a bunch of men picking on and ill treating a young woman, which Arjun chooses not to ignore, not realising the danger he’s putting himself into.

In a case of honour-killing by the family of the girl, the murderers who include the girl’s brother (Darshan Kumar) and his friends try to catch the couple. Arjun in an attempt to escape is killed and the help plea by Meera is turned down by the village sarpanch (Deepti Naval).

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Movie Scan – . Navdeep Singh, Director of the superb Manorama Six Feet Under, takes generous helpings of the British thriller Eden Lake. Half-way in, the only thing the audience is anxious for is the interval, or, if the lord is good, the film to end. It’s a simple storyline, a road trip that has gone wrong.


Apart from the acting, it is a disturbing and problematic plot, basically in the manner issues like honour killings, lawlessness and skewed sex ratios are tackled. There is a possible chance of a migraine with the cinematography and production quality are just there in terms of being right. Thankfully, the film is devoid of any profound monologues or superfluous songs, perhaps the only saving grace.


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