An Open Letter to All of Those Who are Following a Religion for All the Wrong Reasons!


An Open letter, for it is necessary to speak now about religion:

To whomsoever it makes sense,

This letter is an outcome of a very long span of thinking, which finally had to end. I felt the need to speak up my views, after an incident that happened a few days back. Two of my very good friends got into a heated argument about religion, which ended badly. The argument was about which religion is superior (that I felt was superlatively stupid).

Over the last few years, as religious extremists have grown in power and numbers it has become quite irritating to have an opinion in this world. Especially in India. I am not saying my country is ‘intolerant’, on the contrary it is over tolerant. It is just allowing religious bull crap to grow. Frankly I do not understand religion, for I demand logic in almost everything. It is not like religion has no logic, but the acts people pull off in the name of religion are illogical. Any religion – be it Christianity, Islam, Hinduism etc. (I named them in alphabetical order, there is no bias) does not promote curbing one’s freedom and hurting others. Religion I believe, was created to impose a way of living and God was tied into it so that people would follow it without questioning. And this was all to insert some sort of sanity in the otherwise wild world, which unfortunately isn’t the case anymore. As of today, humanity needs to be saved and imposed not any religion.


You might say I am an atheist, but no, I am an agnostic. I believe there is a God who is very frustrated with us right now. I believe that he gave us brains, one for each one of us so that we could think and help him run the world. But that is not happening, as you should know. And religion has nothing to do with God. Like a few political parties fight amongst themselves, all claiming that they want the betterment of the country and its people. Similarly, all religions are like political parties, who claim to favor humanity, peace, love etc. and then… It is not like I am against any religion, but I do not understand its practices. And if these religions refuse to coexist in peace, I’d prefer having no religion. For I think there are far better things any human can put their brains to, than in thinking how to promote his religion or how to end someone else’s. And when I say this, am sure I speak for a huge number of people, who feel the same. And all of them are losing faith with the kind of events that have been occurring day in and day out in the name of religious intolerance. Religions have now become like political parties, who pretend to believe in the same values like peace and love and yet are fighting amongst themselves. I mean, if you and I want a wall to be built, why would we fight to build it alone?? Please ask this question to yourself and to anyone who thinks that people are intolerant towards other religions.

So it is my humble request to all those who understand, please help to make the world a better place. It doesn’t matter which religion you follow or what God you pray to, your kids, your family have to live in this world itself, that you can help change.

John Lenon religion

I’d like to end this with a small quote I wrote by myself – “Insaan apni aadaton se bura nahi hota, apni neeyat se bura hota hai”. Means – Habits do not make you a bad person, your intentions do!

Signing off,

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