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Our heart fills with sorrow when a soldier comes down his life and tries to keep his country’s head up forever. Pathankot attacks shook India in New Year 2016. Words fell short to pay tribute to our braveheart soldiers who pays highest possible tribute to nation with their life unconditionally.

 When heart is full of sadness and anger for treatment given to soldiers, words just dont come with a smooth edge.

Here is touching message posted by a course mate of Lt.col Niranjan. who died while diffusing a bomb at Pathankot…

He wrote the following

R.I.P Lt Col Niranjan Ek. My Coursemate, my Sutta Pal, Barrack-Type and Punishment-Type. Wish I could turn back the clock for you, Moron! I would have ensured that instead of CDSE you would have cleared your Civil Services Exam. Your daughter would have had a father to watch her grow up. Your wife would have had a husband to grow old with. And you would never had had to fight to get a decent pension (Not that you would have needed one – everyone knows the price of a Babu’s signature). I wish that you had not been a warrior, a leader of men and a guardian of an ungrateful nation. I wish you had been a pen-pushing Babu who charged you just for doing his job. I wish that you had not been an Officer And A Gentleman earning a hardship allowance of Rs.32000 in Siachen. Instead you should have been a blood-sucking Babu earning Rs.72000 HARDSHIP ALLOWANCE for enjoying the salubrious climes of Shillong or Guwahati. Or I wish that you had been a Corporate Honcho, who earns thrice your salary for doing one-fourth of what you do. I wish that you had been an AAM AADMI for whom nothing matters beyond the next increment,the next mobile phone or the next vehicle that he is going to buy. I wish that you had been anything except what you chose to become – A Real Man, A Professional Soldier, A Leader Of Men, A True Son Of This Ungrateful Nation, Sworn to protect it at all cost. I Wish…I Wish… But You Are No Longer There…. So I can only pray that in your next life, you decide to do something worthwhile. Something… Anything…. Just Don’t Repeat The Mistakes You Made In This One..

R.I.P Brother… We’ll Meet In The Afterlife


We all are waiting for that  day when Soldiers are highest paid and most respectful job in this India. Soldier just don’t die, they achieve state of immortality!

Here are some pictures from his proud life!


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RIP Braveheart!

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