Make use of leftover Rice to make easy and yummy rice-corn-cheese balls



House wives & mothers are always in need of a creative and easy tip to reuse food leftovers. Not only they need a yummy recipe but also they need something that can be quickly made and garnished beautifully to impress family or guest. This savior recipe will give a yummy twist to leftover rice.  With healthy corn and creamy cheese let’s use rice in a yummy and delightful way to tease those taste buds.

Time required: – 30-40mins (approx. for 30 balls)


One and half cups of cooked rice

One and half cups of cooked and finely crushed sweet corn kernels

Oil for deep frying

Suji/Bread crumbs for rolling over the ball

Grated two cubes of cheese

Spices: – salt, red chili powder, garam masala and amchoor.

6 cloves of garlic (optional)


  1. Boil Sweet corn kernels in cooker so that they can be easily mashed.


  1. Allow sweet corn kernels to cool and bring them to room temperature and then grind them coarsely with six cloves of garlic.


  1. Take a wide bowl and mix grated cheese, rice & sweet corn thoroughly with salt, red chili powder, garam masala and amchoor as per taste.

balls step 3[7]

  1. Now, start making balls.


  1. Roll each ball in suji spread over in a dish.
  2. Next heat the oil in a pan, and deep fry the balls till they turn golden brown in color.


  1. Serve it hot with green spicy chatni / sauce & garnish it in a way you wish.



Points to remember

  1. To add you can also add coriander or spinach to the mixture.
  2. Slowly mix the mixture.
  3. Quickly make the mixture into a ball and deep fry them.