Run for Vitiligo Awareness – Break stigma for vitiligo



Vitiligo is an acquired skin and mucous membranes pigmentation disorder which is characterized by circumscribed, depigmented macules and patches. Vitiligo is mostly associated with autoimmune diseases and thyroid abnormalities.

Characteristics of Vitiligo lesions:

  • White or hypopigmented
  • Usually well demarcated
  • Round, oval, or linear in shape
  • Borders may be convex
  • Range from millimeters to centimeters in size
  • Enlarge centrifugally over time at an unpredictable rate

Vitiligo Burden

  • Vitiligo is relatively common, with a rate of 1-2%
  • Approximately 30% of vitiligo cases occur with a familial clustering of cases
  • A female preponderance has been reported for vitiligo


Vitiligo is just a skin condition and it has nothing to do with contigious disease. Come join hands to make people free form vitiligo stigma.

Come ahead and run for vitiligo awareness on Sunday 31st January 2016.

Venue: Taljai Tekdi, Pune.

“We should all do our bit to make sure that our society has no stigma for any medical condition”


Below is direct invite for event – come join hands with us, we will be there, hope you too come!!

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