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On 28th August 2013, when Shah Rukh Khan followed one of his fans on Twitter, what followed next, gave birth to one of the most active and widely spread Fan Club on twitter. Sudhir Kothari still remains the only fan till date whom SRK has followed back. Gaining thousands of followers overnight, Sudhir then converted his twitter handle to SRKChennaiFC. This now is one of the most followed fan clubs on twitter with more than 90 thousand followers and more than 50 branches across the world. With SRKInspiresMe, we had a conversation with some members of SRKChennaiFC to find out what it is about Shah Rukh Khan that gives him a demigod status in their hearts.


#SRKInspiresMeHere is what they had to say SRKInspiresMe :

Sherin Simon, Event Manager

#SRKInspiresMe“Firstly my love for SRK can’t be mentioned in just words. Watching him on screen & television is a treat to my eyes because he brings that smile on my face when I feel low.

I have grown up watching his movies & he still has the same charm, energy, attitude & grace. His down to earth nature, especially his love & respect towards his fans has influenced me to be a good human being filled with loads of love inside me for others.

The release of any of his movie, we at SRKChennai Fan Club celebrate it as a festival & I’m glad to say that I’m part of his CFC.”

Rahul, Student

#SRKInspiresMe“My love for SRK is something beyond words. I can easily say that SRK is the only man whom I admire the most in this world. Ever since I became an SRK worshipper, I pray for him and for his movies each and every day.  The thought of him makes me happy every single day. There is so much to learn from him. His energy even at 51, his charm, his wittiness and the way he manages his life is true genius. His personal life has inspired me a lot. He started with nothing and now he is the most successful actor and the world’s biggest superstar.

His one quote has helped me a lot “Walk with hope in your heart and you will never walk alone“. SRK has taught me to believe in myself, never to give up and to respect women. He is an example of how a true Indian should be. He has done many things for our nation. 

I am happy today and my parents are also happy that I am not addicted to drugs or anything, but I am only addicted to my GOD.”

Akram Sheriff, B.Com Student and an Aspiring MBA

#SRKInspiresMe“In Jan 2014 I met with an accident and fractured my knee and tore my ligament. My knee was operated and I was on bed rest. I felt extremely low and refused to get out of the bed or start walking with the help of crutches. A week after that, Shah Bhai met with an accident on the sets of Happy New Year and injured himself badly and his already injured knee broke again. Within a few days I saw him use the crutch and he started working again. That inspired me to get out of bed, use my crutch and get active.

I used to suffer from depression. But SRK has been the antidote to my depression in various forms. He’s done it through his movies, by giving me a chance to meet him and also through the times he has personally replied to my questions on twitter.

I would like to appreciate the efforts of SRKCHENNAIFC’s admin Mr. Sudhir Kothari for his time and tremendous dedication.”


SRKInspiresMe“SRK is my God. Just like Gaurav in Fan, our connection was there since childhood. During childhood whenever SRK movie came on television I used to stop whatever I was doing and just watch.

SRK has taught me to believe in my dreams.

There is not even a single day that I don’t do SRK signature pose. And one more request to Shah Sir from all your fans :  ‘We don’t want you to smoke Sir’.”


Abishek, Businessman

SRK Fan“I don’t know what magic he does, but whenever he performs or takes the stage or gives any interview it just makes me go crazy. The witty character, the humour he’s got is unbelievable.

What inspires me is that he is a One Woman Man. The importance and time that he gives his family is amazing and I try to practice the same with my family all the time.”

M.Prathik, B.B.A Student

#SRKInspiresMe“I don’t know why but whenever I hear the name SRK it is really blissful.  My respect and love increased after the movie MY NAME IS KHAN. After my family, he has a big role in what I am today. His dedication towards his work and  love for his family and fans is something phenomenal. The most influential part from SRK’s life would be the time when he came from Delhi To Bombay in search of a livelihood. He had lost his parents at that time. The only support was his sister. SRK was a theater artist. He got a chance in TV serials which he accepted, not thinking of it as a small job. Then later he was introduced as a negative character in movies. Still he didn’t give up. Worked hard and became a leading actor. This is something to learn from him. Many people consider his life as an example of hard work and commitment.”

Kethan, MBA Student

SRK“SRK is a very lovable and down to earth person as an actor and also as a normal guy. The way he loves his fans and his family has changed me as a person. His sense of humor and his humanity influences a lot of people.”


SRK indeed has brought a smile on many faces and made a difference in many lives! We hope SRK inspires us always! Indeed SRKInspiresMe! Tell us in comments below how SRKInspiresMe.

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