Tattoos are a favorite among most women. Lately they have become very popular and many women are getting a tattoo done. Though there are women who like to go for bold tattoos, there are many others who like to keep it cute and simple. These cute tattoos can be small or big but look very subtle and nice. Many women also like to add some color to those tattoos for an even better look. Tattoos are a great way of expressing your personality and your way of life. They are a reflection of your personality. Lets see some lovely tattoo ideas for women below.

Pretty Ankle Tattoos for Women

For a pretty and unique tattoo look, get one done on your ankle. Make it colorful and accessorize with anklets for an amazing tattoo look.

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Cute Small Stars Tattoo

Stars are always a favorite among women. Try the stars tattoo in different colors and sizes for a fabulous look.

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Love Tattoos for Women

Be it the word ‘love’ or even red hearts, tattoos that depict love are always popular among women. You can even keep it simple by not going for a colored love tattoo.

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Quote Tattoos for Women

Life quotes, love quotes or any quotes make beautiful tattoos for women. They become your identity and look very elegant and stylish.

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Amazing Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are always trending when it comes to tattoos for women. Try colorful butterflies in nice designs to get the perfect tattoo for yourself.

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Cartoon Tattoos for Women

Go creative with some cartoon tattoos. They are cute, colorful and will definitely impress a lot of people.

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Wrist Tattoo Ideas for Women

Wrist tattoos are probably the best tattoo idea for women. They are small, simple and very sweet and will look good on any woman.

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So if you want a tattoo that is cute and pretty then these ideas are the best. Get ready for a tattoo now!


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