Trend Of Walking On Toes: Heel Less Heels




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Are you bored with the stereotyped footwear? You still wear those heels that are so common and may not satisfy your fashion urge? Then girls, check out the new trend in fashion circle of heels which are “heel less” and flaunt in the quirky heel less footwork, making your bold style statement. Choose from sexy spiky wedges, fancy heel less sandals or ankle booties.


Daring Spikes

Look fearless with the spike heel less wedges.


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Gorgeous Heel Less Sandals

The platform of the sandals are heavy and thus bears the body weight. The front tapering allows easy sway of the foot step.


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Zipper Booties

The lace less boots gives an audacious footwear with strongly arched heel less fashion.


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Things to be remembered while walking in the heel less:

Do not rush

Wear your swagger in heel less heel footwear for a classy party to look sexy. They are not made for runaway walks, so don’t dash or else you may fall.

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Walk In Baby Style

Take baby steps while walking in the heel less footwear. This footwear is not meant for miles and miles of walk, they are pretty for small walks in the party hall. Long strides will tend to lose your balance.

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Complete your homework of practice walk at home; don’t step out with heelless heels as it takes time to be comfortable and confident in this footwear.




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