bengaluru molestation
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bengaluru molestation
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31st December 2016 was the night of shame for Bengaluru. A city that is soon turning as unsafe as Delhi, witnessed the mass molestation of women. It happened in one of the most happening places of the city. Over 1500 policemen were there to maintain security. Yet when this event happened, all the security wasn’t of much use. Post 11 pm that night women were molested. Not only that, children were harassed and the situation turned extremely savage. While the police kept quiet, Twitter responded to Bengaluru molestation horror.

The responses began to flood in soon after media brought the story out. Not just the general public but even celebrities came out to voice their opinion about the molestation that happened in Bengaluru.


It didn’t take too long for women and men to voice out their concerns about how women were judged at every point. Even in today’s progressive times, a woman who goes out in short clothes is seen as someone who has a bad character.

With politicians defending the Bengaluru molestation event by saying that these things happen, Twitter didn’t take too long to condemn them.

Feminists unite against #notallmen in the Bengaluru molestation case

Soon after feminists spoke against the issue, some men came out with the hashtag of #notallmen highlighting that not all men are wrong. But this soon faced a backlash saying that though not all men are wrong, all women are always subjected to wrong things. What happened in Bengaluru clearly shows that.

The Bengaluru molestation case did have mixed reactions which took many forms.

As a platform to say their opinions aloud, Twitter has once again shown active participation. Bengaluru molestation horror shows us that it is upto each one of us to choose the right side.



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