10 Storage Hacks to Blow your Mind!! Keep Your Homes Organized!!


A house may be small or big, ‘space’ always seems to be a constraint almost everywhere. More problems arise if you are fond of buying new things and then wonder where to stack the new additions. Here are some simple and yet fantastic storage hacks you can use to tidy up your place.

Velcro To Store Remotes

 All of us know Velcro but we never thought of using it as a remote control holder. No more searching for the remote controls all over the place. Just place them in the Velcro holders after use.

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Magnet for Tweezers

Cannot find the tiny tweezer in a drawer full of cosmetics? Worry not. Use a magnet on the side of the cupboard and fix your tweezer on it forever. No more taking out all the contents from the cupboard to find your tweezer.

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Old Shoe Box as Drawer

Shoe boxes are very versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. One such use is fitting them in big drawers to make individual compartments in the drawer for better storage of clothes.

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Shower Curtain Rings for Scarves

If you love scarves and buy one every time you go for shopping, here is a cool way to hang them on just one simple hanger. Use the shower curtain rings and store your scarves in a civilized fashion in such less space.

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Boxed Sets

Closed boxed sets are becoming very popular and are used in a lot of homes today. These closed box sets transform and open cupboard into a nice closet where you can store your things in a tidy manner.

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Special Hangers for Boots

Don’t know where to keep your stack of boots? It is simple. Just use these hangers to store up your boots in one corner of the house.

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Kitchen Napkin Holder to keep Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbons are lying all over your decoration box and getting spoiled? Use a kitchen napkin holder instead to organize your satin ribbons in a systematic way.

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Plastic Baskets inside Cupboards

Use small plastic baskets inside your cupboards or dressing tables to organize your make up and hair accessories. It is a very convenient way to find small hair pins and safety pins.

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Rod to hold Spray Bottles

Place a strong rod inside the kitchen or bathroom cupboard to hold all the spray bottles in one place. This also allows to use the surface space for storing other cleaning items.

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Magazine Rack as Lid Holder

Always wondered where to store the heavy lids of non-stick cookware? Look no more. Just add a magazine rack inside the cupboard and stack all your lids in it. No more crowding of big heavy lids in the cupboard shelves.

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Life can be very easy by using just a few of these ideas. Simple things can make so much more space in our houses!

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