Love To Travel!!! – Best Places You Must Include In Your 30’s Travel Plans

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30’s is such an age in everyone’s life where one might have been in a settled stage of their life and would be very much indulged in the day to day work pressures. The people in their 30’s would definitely choose to take some leaves once in a year at least and would plan to travel as traveling can be a great hobby. So, if you are in your 30’s or you are just entering into 30’s then you must definitely start to plan your travel. And to help all those people who are in a dilemma to choose where to travel, we have here put together a list of some best places that they must include in their 30’s travel plans.

Best Places To Consider In Your 30’s Travel Plans

African Safari

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Get rid of the hectic life and have some time in the nature surrounded by all the wild animals. The African safari is one such an experience that one should definitely have in a lifetime. You get to witness the wild animals very close to you and it will be a real thrilling experience which takes you aware from the shore of the cities these days and you will just hear the wind and the animals.


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If you got time for traveling, then Iceland can be your perfect choice as it allows the visitors the flexibility to indulge in its beautiful surroundings and letting them forget about all their other tensions and pressures at work and home. It is a beautiful place with plenty of natural scenic landscapes all over and thus becomes a must considered place in the 30’s travel plans.


Walking through the Great Wall of China is yet another breathtaking experience that one should go for while in their 30’s. Experience the mind-blowing centuries-old structure by traveling to China and going on a long walk on the China Wall.

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The colorful city landscape with a stunning view of the sea makes Italy a must visit place for you in your 30’s. It is a great place to visit if you are a foodie or even a hiker or else the both. You can get the information about the best times to visit the places in Italy from the internet so that you can make your plans accordingly.


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It is one of the wonderful destinations for those who are looking to travel in their 30’s. Istanbul is a city that crossroads between two continents Asia and Europe. The culture and structures that the city holds is also a must watch. There are a lot of destinations in the city that you can have on your list.

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If you love beaches a lot the, the Hawaii island is the must-visit destination for you in your 30’s. You get to experience the natural diversity of the island and the sky’s wonderful paintings with stars will amaze you during the nights. And the beach views will make your mood so refreshing. So, make Hawaii a must visit a place to witness the lush green landscapes.

We hope this list of must visit places and must consider places in your 30’s travel plans might help you if you ever have plans to travel outside India.

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