As a parent we are always into protecting our children from any sort of harm and mistakes with our wisdom. But have given a thought, with our love and caring nature we are holding back our children from becoming independent and trying their skills in which they can prove their potential.

Following are the genuine mistakes; we all do as a caring parent:

  1. We say a Big No for Risk

Whenever our child wants to take healthy risk, we teach them “safety first formula”. We become so protective that many of the parents don’t allow their children to go out and play, because of the fear of injury to their knees and elbows. We don’t let them enjoy the showers of rain in a fear they will catch cold, and the list is big.  But this is the first and unhealthy mistake we commit as parents. The children who are always protected, have phobias when they grow as adult with a high experience of low self-esteem.

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  1. We rescue too quickly

Children of modern age don’t find it easy to battle the hardships of life and they eventually give up. This is because as parents we rescue them very quickly in their hard times, since childhood. We prefer giving more assistance to them. This disables them and the children find it difficult to face realities of life when they grow.

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3. We need to share our past mistakes

We really don’t share our mistakes from past. If we start sharing relevant mistakes to the young hearts, you will teach them lessons of life. Share your healthy actions in such situations.  This will connect you both emotionally as well. They will have a great influence of you on their lives.


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  1. We don’t follow “Practice what we preach” module

It’s really easy to give long lessons and lectures to our children about what they should do and what they should not. But we find it difficult to practice. Children follow what we do in our life. So, if we preach and don’t practice, creates a negative influence on children.

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