52 weeks of adventure: Week 27 – 4th of July Fireworks


It has been close to 2 years that we are in the US and we haven’t ventured out to watch the 4th of July fireworks until now. This year we did research before hand and decided to hit West Palm Beach to witness this huge phenomenon of fireworks on 4th of July which is America’s independence day! The hype and vastness of the event at West Palm Beach was all worth it!

The fireworks were scheduled at 9 pm. But we started a little early, firstly to get a parking spot and secondly to roam around a little and get a feel of all the celebrations! The place was packed and people of all ages were hanging out at the beach. This was a pleasant surprise as the place where we live, we see all aged folks around. It would be because Juno Beach is apparently Retiree people’s paradise! So, yes this place was a huge hit amidst my husband and me.

There was a large stage at one side of the open space where live performance was going on, beautiful songs performed by a very good band. There were a lot of food stalls in the circumference of this ground serving a wide variety of food from hot dogs, steaks to tacos! Beer was flowing like water everywhere! It was like a carnival!

4th JulyBut if I have to pick one age range which had the most fun, it has to be unquestionably ‘the kids’! There were mini golf courses, fountain plays and a variety of engagements to keep the little ones busy. Oh boy! Kids did have a lot of fun at this event.

FireworksWe saw American flag in every possible wardrobe piece – shirts, caps, skirts, shoes (??!!), tattoos, socks and what not. It wasn’t just the adults but even kids were in fashionable American flag.


While walking on the streets, we also discovered some handsome bikes which were grabbing everybody’s attention.

CrasWith all the walking and hogging, we finally selected our spot to watch the fireworks. We sat down on a pavement. At 9 pm sharp, all lights went off and there was a spark of firework in the sky beyond the waters. That little spark was enough to light up the mood of everyone waiting for the show. The firework show lasted for 30 minutes and it was worth every minute we waited for it to start. Colors were flying in the sky – red, golden, blue, green and pink. Black skies and beautiful colors. There were kids jumping around, some kids crying due to the noise, people clicking photos and couples looking at the sky together! At the end there was a long golden color trail and that sight will always be locked in my memory forever.


IMG_20150704_212340926These pictures do not do any justice at all to the beauty of the fireworks we experienced on Saturday. So if you are in the US on 4th of July, don’t miss the local fireworks! You have to see it with your own eyes to experience the glittering and coloring in the sky! It is worth all the waiting and moving through the crowds!


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