5 Achievements of the Indian army to make you Proud


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We as Indians don’t need any reason to be proud of Indian army. Staying away from their families, our soldiers give away their lives to make sure that we stay close to ours. And we will always be loyal to them as they have always been loyal to us.

Today, this article is a tribute to all the soldiers and their families who are fighting with the odds to make sure we keep smiling.

Here are 5 out of a million victories of the Indian army for the country:

#1: Liberation of Bangladesh
When Bangladesh stood alone against Pakistan to fight for its freedom, India was the only and major support to the country. During the fight for freedom, India stood a chance of becoming a center of another cold war but yet it provided the Bangladeshi rebels with training and home to refugees.

India in the Bangladesh war for independence was the backbone of Bangladesh and was the reason behind Bangladesh’s victory.



#2: The Volunteer Army
India is the largest volunteer army in the world with 1,325,000 Active military and 1,155,000 Reserve military. Where in a lot of countries, for every family, joining the army is a compulsion; India takes the #1 place in the world as the largest volunteer army. Salute.



#3:The control over Siachen

Siachen, the world’s largest battle ground, at a height of over 7,000 meters, is located in the Kashmir region of Jammu and Kashmir. For years, India and Pakistan have been fighting over the region of Siachen. Presently India holds two-thirds of the glacier and has commands over two of the three passes whereas Pakistan controls Gyong La pass. The Indian Army controls a few of the highest peaks. The situation of the area is as such that Pakistani Army cannot get up to the glacier, while the Indian Army cannot come down.

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#4: Kargil War
Indians remember 2 days as the most patriotic days in India’s history. One is the 15th August, 1947 and the other one is the Kargil war of 1999. In spite of being unaware of the initiation of the war, India was declared the victor of the war. Hundreds of soldiers lost their lives on both the sides and thousands got injured. And India won the war majorly because of its air power. It was the first time that India used the air power at a height of upto 32,000.

In July 1999, India may have won the Kargil War, but both the countries lost trust in each other.



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#5: The Missiles
India’s Agni-V missile can cover the range of 8,000 km in any direction with the speed exceeding that of the bullet. The missile can carry 1.1 tonne of nuclear warhead over 5,000 km. The accuracy of it reaches the target within a few meters of precision. This missile alone is the perfect tool for answering any weaponry threat to the country.

Another set of Indian missiles, Prithvi missiles are best known their short range, precision, carrying nuclear warhead and for emergency use. The missile has the strike range of 350 km and can carry 1000 kg of nuclear warhead.

These missiles aren’t the only iconic missiles that India has created. But there are a lot other missiles like BrahMos, Akash, Trishul and Nag.


After all this, we ask ourselves “What can WE do for our Soldiers?”

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Once a soldier said, “Want to do something for a Soldier? Be an Indian worth fighting for.” 

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