Caves are spectacular, marvelous, magnificent and what not!

It leaves one falling in love with the beauty of nature and wondering how many more secrets the Mother Nature has kept safe with herself. Here are the 5 most mysterious caves in India which we hardly know about. Experiencing the peaceful and serene life of a cave is something which one must never miss. 

  1. Belum Caves


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These caves are located in Belum Village of Kurnool District in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It attracts the highest number of tourists in Indian subcontinent. Constant flow of water from Chitravati River for a long period of time enabled the vast labyrinth of underground cave to be formed. There is a section inside this cave known as Saptasvarala Guha or Musical Chamber where the stalactite formation produces musical sounds when struck with bare hands. It is believed that in ancient ages many Buddhist monks lived here.

  1. Mawsmai Caves

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Situated just about 6 kms from the main town Chirapunji, Meghalaya, this cave is the most accessible cave for travelers. One need to squeeze, crawl, bend to make a way through the cave. These limestone caves are lit enough to let the tourists enjoy the spell bounded cave in awe. In spite of this cave being long enough, only 150 meters is open for tourists. A peek into the underground world is something which no one can forget. Meghalaya also has the longest cave in Indian Subcontinent – Krem Liat Prah. 

  1. Bhimbetka Caves


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These caves are located in Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary, Raisen District of state Madhya Pradesh. The existence of this cave can be traced back to South Asian Stone Age because the rock paintings present on its wall is approximately 30,000 years old! These were first discovered by an archeologist Dr. Vishnu Wakankar in 1857-58 and were declared as World Heritage Site in 2003. The footsteps of the prehistoric man can be easily discerned upon the sands of time, since the caves here house rock paintings, created by man from as early as about 15,000 years ago in panoramic detail. A visit to Bhimbetka is like a journey into the past. 

  1. Kutumsar Caves

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Kanger Valley National Park, 38 km from Jagdalpur city, in the state of Chhattisgarh hosts this beautiful cave. This underground cave is 330 meters in length and approximately 35 meters below the ground level making it completely pitch-dark. Many can see blind frogs, insects in the cave adapted to the darkness. These caves have stalagmite formation in the shape of Shiva lingam which attracts Lord Shiva devotees and also the curious tourists from all over the world.

  1. Borra Caves

Borra Caves

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Borra caves are situated at the distance of 90- 95 km from the city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Opening of this cave is vast measuring up to 100 meters horizontally and 75 meters vertically. This 150-million-year old cave was naturally formed by the presence of Gosthani river. The DANDAKARANYA – BOLANGIR – KIBUR train passes over these caves. This cave Includes mercury, halogen, sodium vapor lamps allowing the tourists to enjoy the spectacular views and also these lights turn off in pairs for a minute to give the feel of dark life inside.

Caves are beautiful but they are equally delicate. Just a centimeter of formation would have taken hundreds of years. A single touch may destroy the formation badly. Every single person should ensure to follow the strict guidelines given by the cave authorities.

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