5 DIY Lampshade Ideas


Obsessed with lamps? Then you are at the correct place! Here are 5 simple DIY lampshade Ideas if you are planning to shed some creative light at your home. All you need is few household items, left over paints, quick trip to a nearby craft store and you are ready for this enthralling decorative project. 

  1. Bamboo covered lampshade:l-unique-hanging-lamp-shades-online-lamp-shades-wholesale-online-silk-lamp-shades-online-square-lamp-shades-online-rv-lamp-shades-online-orange-lamp-shades-online-order-lamp-shades-online.

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How cool it will be to embellish an old lampshade with the bamboo sticks. Get the glue on to the sticks and go on pasting them and once finished you will be flabbergasted with the result.  If you are not a fan of bamboo you can always use a spray paint to re paint the faded cover of your lamp with your favorite colors.

  1. Applique Lampshade:DIY-Vintage-Lamp

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Ready made appliques can be found in any craft stores and serves the purpose here. Hand made appliques will be even better. Come up with a theme and purchase/make appliques and go on hot gluing it to the surface of your lamp. Some appliques come with a peel away feature where you just need to peel and stick.

  1. Calligraphy Lampshade:29554941274153710kXzcULGWc

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Choose your favorite quote or words and get familiar with a bit of calligraphy. You are done. Copy your line onto the lamp and see the results for yourself. Nothing will make you as happy as seeing the words on your dear lamp! 

  1. Starry Lampshade:

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This is indeed our favorite for all the star lovers. Buy a lamp with darker surface. Black would be the best. Outline few buildings, towers with a pencil for your reference and start poking holes in the remaining space. Turn on the lights and there you are engrossed in all those stars of your lamp!

  1. Fabric Lampshade:sweater1

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Don’t throw away all your unused fabrics. Here is a very simple and easy way to decorate a lampshade. Cut and glue the fabric to the lamps surface. You can also cut the fabric into small pieces to sew into many designs and colors or you can even use an old sweater of yours to turn it into a resplendent lampshade cover.

Do-it-yourself lamp shades are the most beautiful way to style your home. So, what are you waiting for…Go ahead and showcase your creative instinct and beautify your sweet little palace in your unique way! Here’s Wishing You All The Best

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