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Who doesn’t like their home to stand out unique and ravishing? And how proud one may feel when people lionize and admire the way they decor their home sweet home. If someone is speculating that it requires a lot of money, then they are completely wrong.

We are always there to help with simple décor ideas for your appealing home. This time we have come with creative tree branches home décor ideas. All you need is a bit of spare time and few branches of a tree from your backyard. Do it yourself and see the difference it brings in uplifting the grandeur of your home.

Card Holder Display

tree-branch decor

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Make a tree out of all the twigs and start sticking your cards on to your new card tree! You can also make it very simple by taking a single log, hanging it on to the wall and then by tying all your cards to that log.

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Candle Holdertree-branch decor 2

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You can make a candle holder out of any branches/logs you find. Just plan for your design and give it a phenomenal look.

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Décor as treeCherry-blossom-decor 4

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With the help of few broken branches create a tree décor at your home. Add colors to your tree by making flowers and pasting them on to your branches. It will give an autumn effect! You can also paint colors of your choice to the branches and festoon your place.

Tree-Branch-decor 4

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Book Shelfbranch-book-shelf- decor 5

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This natural bookshelf will be the most creative bookshelf made by you! But, putting too much books on it may ruin the essence.

Lamp HolderTREE-BRANCH-LAMP decor 5

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Lamps from tree branches are very easy and inexpensive. The only challenge is to find a perfect wood for the design. This lamp will fit in seamlessly with any décor.

It’s time to have a modern and chic look in our bedrooms or living room. So, lets take a break from our work and everyday activities to let our imagination empower and give our home a look that’s completely bedazzling.

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