I recently read an article which says new experiences and learning new skills gives us long lasting happiness than the newest version of a smart phone or a BIG house! I completely agree with this and then I just reflected on my journey so far on this crazy adventure per week. It has really given me immense bliss with each new experience and each new experiment!

After that melodramatic paragraph, let us come to the point – this week’s adventure. This week I gave my 3rd speech at Plantation Toastmasters. Now some of you will frown and ask me, ‘How come this is an adventure? It is not even your first speech.’

Point noted my dear friend. So here is why it was an adventure – I tried 3 new things in my speech this time –

  • For the very first time, I spoke without any notes
  • I used voice modulations
  • I did hell lot of gestures

So yes, it was an adventure.

I spoke on my para sailing adventure at Key West. This experience will always be one of my most memorable one. It was one of the very few occasions when I came out of my fear bubble and tried the never imagined.

Since I had decided at the onset itself that I will not be using notes, I knew this time I had to prepare very well. I was doing a mediocre job at my rehearsals until my husband intervened. It just happened that the day when I was supposed to speak, he was working from home and he got a chance to listen to my rehearsals.

He looked at me and said, “You might find me harsh, but your speech sounds as if you have mugged it up and you are in a hurry to finish it off as soon as possible”. I am very bad at taking criticism. But this time I was more open and I asked him to recite my speech. I gave him my paper. The way he spoke, I was pleasantly surprised. I could definitely see the difference in my speech and his version. I asked him to repeat again.

It was 2 pm then. My speech was at 6.30 pm that day. I just went into the bathroom and practiced like crazy for 2 continuous hours in front of the mirror. I wanted to outdo my last performance when I had won the ‘Best Speaker’ award though I was not very happy about my that day’s performance. With ample practice, I felt much more confident this time.

I went to the meeting, delivered my speech and won the ‘Best Speaker’ again!


On another note, we also tried a new cuisine this week. Being Indians, we are very particular about our spices and masalas in our food. Not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, but we find American burgers and sandwiches to be very bland. Blame it on our spice loving tongues. So whenever we have to eat out, ‘Pizza’ is always the winner and sometimes ‘Chipotle’.

But we were bored of the same old stuff and wanted to try something else. So we experimented with Greek cuisine. I think every cuisine in the US is accompanied by french fries and our Greek dishes this week were no different. I tried the Pita Chicken Roll which came with fries and my husband tried Chicken Ziti which came with Greek Salad and Pasta. My husband liked his Ziti and I was fine with my Roll. But of course it was a  good change.

The Pita Chicken Roll with the quintessential French Fries
The Pita Chicken Roll with the quintessential French Fries

So yes, I had two wonderful new experiences this week to add to my bundle of happiness 🙂

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She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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