52 weeks of adventure: Week 19 – How short can Bob get?


This week I had a haircut, which is so not like my earlier ones and it took a lot of courage on my part to try something so bizarre.

My haircuts are a BIG  affair at my place unlike my husband, who decides in the morning that he needs a haircut and then in the evening goes and gets it done. When I decide I need a haircut, I spend one month on browsing the internet looking at various haircuts, stalking people on roads whose haircuts seem interesting and coaxing my husband to do the same while nagging him and asking, “Will that haircut look good on me?” The answer is always affirmative. To test my husband’s taste in haircuts, once I showed him a lady who had purple hair and a very revolutionary Natalie Dormer haircut and asked him the same question. His answer was still yes! That is when I decided, that my husband should no longer be the member of my prestigious ‘survey group’ anymore.

He said 'yes' to this haircut! You now know why I had to banish him from the survey group!
He said ‘yes’ to this haircut! You now know why I had to banish him from the survey group!

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You ask me, “What is this prestigious survey group?” Oh! You did not know. The survey group is a bunch of folks to whom I send various haircut photos and ask, “Will this haircut suit me?”. It is a group of dedicated individuals who give me their true opinion. Right now it consists of my sister, my sister in law, my mother in law and a bunch of very close friends (minus my husband, thanks to his outrageous affirmations!).

Every time I send pictures to this group, get their opinion, decide on a hairdo, go to the saloon, have cold feet and ask the styler to just keep my hair shoulder length with the same hair style. And then when I come back home, even my neighbor who has a keen eye is not able to distinguish that I have had a haircut. Oh yes, it is so typical!

This time there were 2 haircuts which were doing their rounds on whatsapp and email within my survey group. The first one was Winona Ryder’s pixie cut. I have been wanting to do this haircut since my last haircut but I have not been able to muster the courage to do something so drastic. Moreover when I sent this picture to my survey group, the results were not very encouraging. So I gave this haircut a pass.


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So with this haircut off the radar, my search started again. The new winner was Keira Knightley’s bob cut. I got unanimous positive feedback when her photo was circulated in my survey group. So, I had a winner – Bob Cut like Keira Knightley. I was excited with this decision and went to my stylist. This time I was determined to absolutely have this hair cut!


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Guess what? This time no cold feet, and my hair is shorter now. Way way shorter. I look like a teenager, a shift from 20 something looking to a teenager. But I am happy! Atleast this time my neighbor realised that I have had a haircut 😉

Oh, you say you want to look at my new haircut! Hold your breath, here it comes  –


My neck feels so free. It is unbearably hot in Florida and I think I have had my bob at the right time. Feels so good 🙂

How short can my bob get after all? A little bit shorter maybe the next time????


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