It was my birthday last week and did I have fun? Oh yes, I did. But a different kind of fun. I did not blow out candles or cut a cake or go out for a candlelight dinner with my husband. Instead I visited a holy place and saw God himself in action! My husband’s football friends will understand what I am talking about here!

When a girl marries a football fanatic guy she just goes out on the field to cheer him at his final match in a tournament, even if it is her birthday! I precisely did that and it was the best birthday celebration ever!

I have had my struggles with loving football the way my husband loves it! My story about my conversion from ‘hate football’ to ‘love football’ is here. It was not an easy journey, but I am glad I made it and evolved as a person 🙂

So back to my birthday celebrations – Sujoy had his final match at the Broward Public School Soccer League. The match was a tight one, both teams gave a tough fight but ‘we’ (I love saying we when I address to Sujoy’s team) were the winners! The game started with we leading 1-0. But soon enough it was 1-1. The tension was mounting and we had to score as we did not want to go to penalties. We did have a lot of shots but somehow they never converted into a goal. At one point, the opponent team was dominating and I was standing at the side yelling everyone to buck up! The match had become tense and so was I! And then it happened – we scored another goal! That let off huge tension from our team and we started playing a better game. The match ended 2-1, we were the League Champions!


What is commendable about this team is that they have won all matches (no ties, no losses) in this league with a goal difference of more than 2 (except the final)! Isn’t that brilliant?

I got my birthday gift! The plaque and the medal which my husband who was not ready to flaunt but his wife made him wear all the glories and stand for a picture!


Watching Sujoy play on the field is a treat! He is a little shy and silent person in real life but when he gets on the field – he is a completely transformed football junky! He is a true player and gives his heart and soul to the game. He runs everywhere, gets the ball from the opponent and passes it to the forward which eventually gets converted to a goal. The audience always remembers the forward who shoots the goal, but tends to forget the hard work done by the rest of the team in getting that ball to the forward. Sujoy had some awesome passes and tackles. The way he runs on the field reminds me of ‘Flash’. Ok I might be exaggerating a bit here, but yes Sujoy is a hero on the football field!

Why I am proud of my husband is – he is a self learned footballer. He did not receive any formal coaching in football, the way folks in the US do. And yet, he was not lesser than anyone on the field that day. I wonder where Sujoy would have been if he had received a formal training!


So yes, a birthday well spent looking at my loved one doing what he loves the most! 🙂

And if you are amusing why didn’t I cut a cake. It is just that I was on a vegetarian diet that day and we could not get an eggless cake! But yes, we did celebrate with some nice Indian food and dessert cooked by me 🙂


She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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