#52weeksofadventure: Week 3 – You go girl!


‘Expose yourself to your deepest fear and then fear has no power. You are free.’

This saying looks good on paper. When I tried exposing myself to my fears the result was not always pleasant. However I am here today to inspire you all to shed off your fears and hence will be sharing a success story where in I conquered my fears, thanks to my persuasive husband.

Just to give you a little background about myself – I am a simple and languid girl, who will run away from the smallest of adventures so much so that I was crying for 15 minutes before sitting on one of the Universal rides! Trust me, it was a basic ride where kids aged 3-4 years were enjoying! Yes, that timid I am. My husband always struggled with this facet of my personality where I fear to try the never done. And after 3 years of marriage, finally he convinced me to do parasailing at Key West. One week before our Key West trip, there was a small voice inside me urging me to go out there and try the never done. But I was not sure what will happen on the D day, whether the voice will drown down with the weight of fear and anxiety or whether it will soar high with motivation. I had to go there and see for myself!

The road to Key West is very scenic. But I was so nervous that I could not enjoy the nature and was only thinking about being in mid air! We were approaching our destination slowly. We parked our car. We went to the registration counter and I was hoping badly that the sweet lady behind the counter would say, “Sorry, we did not get your booking”. But luck was partnering with my husband that day and the sweet lady to my horror gave us our tickets for para sailing. After she did that, she was not sweet to me anymore.

We reached the docking station and were patiently waiting for our turn to get into the boat. Finally with wrecking nerves I sat in the boat and was nervously looking at the gear which would be holding us up in the air. Just then one of the fellow passengers casually commented, “What if one of the strings breaks when we are up?”…..That was it….the little courageous voice inside me started drowning. The first group went, they waved, they smiled, they yelled and they came back. Second in line couple also did the same.

Next was us. I have to let in a small secret here. Whenever I have done something like this – like the only 2 rides at Universal, I have closed my eyes and prayed for the thing to get over soon. And here I was again slowly pleading to God to finish this off. The guide was helping me with the gear. We came up on the ship deck. We sat down. We were tied to the parachute. Slowly we started going up. My heartbeats increased, my prayers increased double fold.

We get tied
My heart is racing like a ferrari here!

We went higher, my husband was persuading me to set my hands free. Refusing vehemently, I held to the rope as a child who would cling to a mother when scared. We were going up slowly. My husband spent some 10 minutes convincing me to leave my hand from the rope and somehow I managed to leave one hand!

I somehow managed to let go off my one hand!

We soared high, above the sun in the clouds with water all around us beneath. I looked down, I was scared. Looking at my face, my husband looked down and he got a little scared too!
But then he told me to look at the horizon, to look at the colors, to look at the ships, to look at the birds. It was at this point that I stopped praying and started looking! Breathtaking! I was a bird, looking from top at the beautiful world below me. Assimilating everything in my sight and being amazed on how beautiful the nature is! I saw tiny people on ships and wondered if this is what Sandra Bullock was talking about in the movie ‘Gravity’, tiny beings seen from the space. The water was blue, pink and green taking hues from the sky, plants and sunlight. If I could capture a moment to be cherished forever, it will definitely be this!!!!

That high we went, above the sun!

After going up again, we came back. We came back on the ship and I had the expression of a King who has conquered the World! While I was removing my gear and relaxing on the boat, I thought to myself ‘This was not that difficult at all’. Also I think I heard a small applause and someone shouting, ‘You go girl!’

I did it! You go girl!!!

Moral of the story – If a timid girl like me can fight with the fear demons and emerge as a winner at least on one occasion, anyone else can do the same. What is your greatest fear in life? It is time to ask fear to meet you in the battlefield!

She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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