#52weeksofadventure: Week 7 – Say no to FB


For this week I decided to go without Facebook for a day.

Just in the morning I decide this and my mobile phone beeps informing me that one of my FB friends has tagged me in her status. This friend never usually tags me. And as they curiosity kills the cat – my fingers lingered over that FB icon on my phone for entire 30 seconds. But then I controlled myself and switched off the data connection from my phone. It was not easy.

During the entire day my hands inadvertently went so many times to my mobile. That is when I realized how addicted I have been to my mobile. I realized that I used to check my mobile every 30 minutes or so maybe 20 times a day. Now that was an eye opener. Do we really need to check FB so many times a day seeing what our friends have been upto? Don’t we have better things to do with our own life? No offense to anyone as I myself have been doing this for such a long time.


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What I gained out of my social media hiatus was immense. I finished off two articles for a e-magazine and one entry for a writing contest. The contest was about ‘My Style’ and I was pondering about what to write for almost a week. Then the idea struck and with no distraction, I completed my piece in flat 30 minutes. My focus and concentration level were at the best.

I felt more energetic at the end of the day with no anxiety or tired eyes. I moved around the house more which gave some motion to my body and it felt good. I cooked an extra dish that day and my husband was surprised to see that one extra delicacy on his plate. I cleaned my wardrobe which was pending since a very long time. All this I could do with my new found energy. I even went to gym in the evening (my tryst with exercise is yet another separate blog story).

The most important thing I experienced was peace of mind. I got so much time to ponder and be with myself that I was overwhelmed with my thoughts. I usually take all life’s crucial decisions either in the shower or while brushing my teeth at night 😉 But this was altogether a different experience and I mulled over a lot of aspects of my life and the way ahead.

This was my day without Social Media. Maybe some time in future I will go first a day entirely without internet and then maybe a week. For that I need to have tremendous mind control and that itself will be the biggest adventure.

Try going without internet for a day and comment below your experience!

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