#52weeksofadventure: Week 8 – Texas Diaries


This Texas trip’s whole purpose was to be with family and friends and not sightseeing per say. As Texas isn’t a tourist place but moreover a industrial hub. Whomever we told we are going Texas, they were like “Why are you going there? There is nothing to see around in Texas.” We had to convince everybody on why we are really going to Texas 😛

As the flight was approaching DFW Airport, the change in the landscape was drastic. From the greenery and waters of Florida, we were landing on a barren land with almost no trees or trees with just branches and no leaves. That point I knew, it is going to be an interesting stay!

What new things I did in this trip? Quite a few –

My tryst with cold weather and snow: I had started feeling the chills right from DFW airport. I hate cold and just cannot bear it. The moment we came out of the airport, I wanted to just sit in the car as soon as possible with the heater on. The cold was unbearable. I know for sure now that I just cannot survive in cold weather. The second day of our trip it started snowing slowly and steadily in the morning. Brown ground slowly started becoming white, first slightly but then heavily. There was white everywhere, no other shade to be seen. Cars started getting covered with snow. The sight was lovely to see from indoors. I saw snow slowly forming a layer in our balcony and I thought of venturing out. I stayed outside for entire 2 minutes, played a little bit and then rushed in. It was maddeningly cold.


Snowfall 2

On the second day of snow, I was at my cousin’s place who has 7 year old twin boy and girl. My niece and her dad decided to make a Snowman with the abundant snow. I was also very excited and ventured out. I started collecting the snow with  hands. And after exactly 5 minutes declared, “Please call me when the Snowman is done” and ran into the house. It was so cold that I just could not stay outside for that long. They indeed built a very big Snowman and I loved it! 🙂


That was my story with the cold and the snow. I love the sun. Snow is depressing and you feel as if you are house arrested. I just wish and hope that I am always there in a warm place.

She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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