Music is really a savior. Be it in happy times or in sad times, they have your side always. There’s nothing like good, soulful music to make your day the best. Be it Monday or Sunday, you can forever rely on music. A recent trend has been song mashups that are winning the internet. Singers from around the world are coming together to make the most of the diverse platform called internet. One particular singer, Vidya Vox has owned the mashup game and how! If you need a kick start, here’s our list of some amazing song mashups by her.

Love me like you do and Hosanna? Listen to believe!

Hosanna is a song that won hearts in the Southern region of India and it soon did the same up North. This mashup of Hosanna with Ellie Goulding’s international hit, Love me like you do is weaving magic.


Pani Da Rang never felt so fresh!

In this mashup Vidya Vox and Saili Oak teamed up for this brilliant take on Pani da rang along with Charlie Puth’s hit called We don’t talk any more.

Vidya Vox is killing this classic Malayalam Folk song

Pallivalu Bhadravattakam is a popular Malayalam folk song and Vidya along with her sister Vandana just gave it a fitting remix. The mashup also features the song Be free.

Closer by Chainsmokers is even better with Kabira 

When the songs Kabira from Yeh Jawani hai Deewani and Closer by Chainsmokers were released, they individually rocked the music charts. Vidya made a mashup and we couldn’t stop listening to it!

Channa Mereya with Coldplay? Yes, Please!

We all know the impact Channa Mereya had on all of us. Imagine a mashup with a Coldplay hit? Yes, you heard that right. The song Something just like this is more than our favorite now!

A perfect match of old and new!

Vidya Vox not only does new songs, but she also mashes old and new songs. Proof is this fabulous one of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of you and the evergreen Tu Cheez Badi hai Mast.

Got a favorite? Let us know and we’ll have a chat!

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