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Living room decoration involves different elements like curtains and draperies, lighting and accessories, colors and artifacts and much more. A perfect blend of all these attributes to a grand living room design and it gains the beauteous aesthetic value. Living room interiors may be minimalist or luxurious every kind needs curtains to increase its elegance. Draperies and curtains lend an airy touch to the décor. Various styles of curtains flaunt today’s living room to create stunning interior concepts. Colorful and printed fabrics add drama to the decoration of the living room. Sheer fabrics, dark blackout fabrics, floral printed fabrics, long drapes and blinds are a few types of curtains that can enhance the beauty of your living room. Here are some beautiful curtain ideas that will inspire you.

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Burgundy Brown Drapes For Luxurious Living Room

The luxurious living room with upholstered furnishings creates a beautiful contrast with the stylish burgundy drapes.

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Ceiling Tall Pastel Green Curtain

The white washed living room is decorated with a minimalistic flat panel curtain design that stretches from the ceiling to the floor.

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Striped Jabot Styled Window Treatment For Simplistic Appeal

Decorate the windows in your living room with stylish and simple curtains. The jabot curtain with striped pattern looks chic and minimalistic.

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Semi Sheer Ombre Effect Drapes For Glam Look

The multi-colored fabric with sheer translucency looks glamorous on the tall windows. The lovely curtain tie backs and bows add a stylish touch to the drapes.

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Vibrant Beaded Curtains For Living Room

Add spice to the décor of your living room with this stunning beaded curtain idea. The bright and dark colors add vibrancy to neutral as well as dark colored living room.

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White Crossover Curtains For Serene Appearance

The plain white curtains are crossed over each other to lend a touch of creativity. The rope tie back and the simple curtain rod add to the serene atmosphere of the room.

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Floral Printed Curtain For Sloping Window

The sloping edges of the large windows in this living room are covered with the delicate floral printed curtains in baby pink shade for elegant décor.

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Curtains look fabulous in any room. You can match them to any theme of the interior or give a contrasting appeal with color differentiation. Blackout curtains control the amount of light entering the living room while the sheer curtains lend an airy atmosphere.

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