7 things about falling in love no one told you!


Remember that cute girl whom you adored in 5th grade? Oh, and that handsome boy who gave you random smiles you still can’t get over? We have all had our own share of ‘crushes’ but reality strikes you once you actually fall in love. Love is beautiful and love is bliss and then there are other things about love Bollywood movies never told you. Find out what they are, read ahead!

It’s a give and take thing

Love is about sharing and caring. If only one person keeps giving without any incentive from the other end, your love can become one-sided. Never take your partner for granted, that’s the first and foremost rule!

Be who you are

As you cross months and years with your partner, there will be a lot of things that change. You need to accept each other the way they are and don’t try to change them, unless it’s for their good. Be who you are, that’s the best part about love!


Fights are completely normal and healthy

Unless you guys want to rip each other’s hair off, fights are fine. You will have misunderstandings, you might feel irritated with each other but what is important is how well you deal with them. And of course, you can always make it up later!


 ‘I love you’ will always be special

No matter how long you have been together, saying’I love you’ will never lose its charm. Say it everyday, as many times as possible. It is not a confirmation; it’s just a gentle reminder that your love is only growing every day!


Nobody should get to decide your physical intimacy

Physical intimacy is a sensitive topic and it differs from couple to couple. For some couples just holding hands is bliss while many others like to get things heated in the bedroom. Just because some other couple had sex doesn’t mean you also need to. This is about the two of you and only you should get to decide.


Sometimes you need to go far to come close

There might come a point where you will question your love, your relationship. If nothing seems to work, take a break, let your heart wander and tell you what it wants. Like they say, if it’s yours it will come back to you and when you get back you will notice your love has doubled up!


There will always be that ‘other person’

We get to hear this a lot from couples. ‘She just doesn’t stop sticking to my boyfriend’ or ‘that guy is getting real close with my girl’. Possessiveness is healthy as long as it is within limits. Just trust your partner and stand with them. Who cares about others, anyway!


In the end all that matters is how strong your love is and that is what every couple should work on. Cheers to love!


Srilaxmi is a dynamic person with many feathers in her hat. Along with her Professional education in Journalism, she is involved with many creative activities. She believes in the classic rule of simplicity and loves to experiment with her kool sense of fashion and latest trends.



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