Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples

11 Out Of The Box Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples This Year

Are you looking for some unique Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples? Then you are at the right place

Coordinating dresses with your partner is very corny, which means you need to add a bit of contrast as a couple! This fashion trend does have an exception – Halloween! If you are planning to celebrate Halloween this year as a couple you gotta think of something really chic, creative and out of the box.

Your mind might have gone blank thinking of outfits that are rare and outstanding. Go beyond vampires, angel, and devil, pinup girl and prisoner, etc. this year. Don’t panic! We have put together some cute and stunning Halloween costumes ideas for the couples in one place.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples 2020

1. Delicious Oreo Biscuit

What can be more delicious than the chocolaty and creamy Oreo treats for Halloween? It is one of my favorites out of the box couple costumes. The beanie fits well with the costume and protects you from the cold winds.

Delicious Oreo Biscuit

2. Scarecrow Couple Outfit

Get on with a DIY project and dress up as couple scarecrows. All you’ll need is your favorite overall outfit and lots of stalks and wizard hats. Get started asap!

Scarecrow Couple Outfit

3. Ghost Pirate Halloween Costumes

Pirate of the Caribbean has remained an all-time favorite costume for Halloween. This is one of the rare couple of costumes. Don’t even think of repeating it! Get yourself update with a ghost pirate costume, we bet you’ll stun the crowd.

Halloween Costumes Ideas For Couples

4. Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

Take cues from Kim Kardashian and Jonathan Cheban who are dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf respectively. They look cute, don’t they?

Little Red Riding Hood And The Big Bad Wolf

5. The Walking Dead Costume

Join the nation in welcoming the new zombie season, take a step further and dress like one. You’re sure to grab many wows here.


6. Flintstone Couple

Have fun with your partner this Halloween. Spread the message of love with Fred and Wilma party costumes for the season. Let in the Stone Age!

Flintstone Couple

7. Alien And Astronaut Couple

Do you like sci-fi movies? If yes, this is a really cool Halloween couple costume to select. As a couple, you can portray that your love is beyond the boundaries of this world.


8. Quirky Plug And Socket Costume

Show off your compatibility with the plug and socket costume. Had you ever thought of this before?

Quirky Plug And Socket Costume

9. Magician And Bunny Couple Costume

What a beauty!! This is another amazing costume idea to try this year. You may become a pigeon or a full ball under the magicians’ hat if you please!

Magician And Bunny Costume For Couples

10. Google Maps

Fascinating Google map out gives out a direction to your favourite hangout spot or eat out joint! Does anyone need driving directions?

Google Maps

11. Gold From Head To Toe

Get dressed as trophies this Halloween. This iconic costume is going to make you win all fancy dress contests this year!

Gold From Head To Toe

This festive season take reins and plan to get some exclusive coordinating Halloween costumes for you and your better half!

Do let us know which one is your favorite amongst these?

Await our collection of some adorable Halloween kids costumes next week!! Stay tuned!!

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