Differences, yes we all have. But how to deal with these differences is important. I remember the time, when online dating was considered as weird and people used to ask me ‘Shreya, how did you and Mangesh meet?’ At that time, we just used to simply smile and say ‘At coffee shop’. We didn’t want to make people freak out with their damn outlook.

But after 10 years now, we have opened up with the fact that, Yes! We met online. It was difficult for many to digest and we were given hollow looks by many. Though, who cares! Nourishing a relationship from distant places was always difficult for us. I was constantly under pressure of losing him. We were impatient to meet but circumstances were not favorable for us, for almost 2 long years. Studies clutched me and his job profile pissed him off. Long phone calls and emails gave little relief.

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Finally, we decided to move in together after dating for more than 3 years. This was the time Mangesh proposed me for marriage in a coffee shop with a sparkling gold ring. Convincing our parents was a little tough job, but by God’s grace they agreed. And we were on cloud 9, with our new life. Though we shared cultural differences, we tried our level best to make our families and relatives happy.

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And the story happily ends!

No, obviously not. After marriage, I could see few differences in my lifestyle as well. Things which I used to love changed, may be because Mangesh didn’t like them. These things started haunting me. I wanted to be like I was before marriage, a free bird. One day I was frustrated and was going mad over him for all small and silly things. The love which we had for so many years was fading away day by day. The fights used to be for long hours, which initially used to get solved in few minutes, with a simple ‘sorry’.

Finally one fine day, I decided to talk to him and let him know that I was leaving. Leaving this humdrum relation and tell him that he is just mundane. He was busy over phone. So, I decided to wait till he finishes his call. He was talking with his friend. Then what I overheard changed my life. ‘No, I can’t come, Shreya doesn’t like me partying for late nights’. And this sentence opened my mind and my heart for him. I started to think deep. Slowly all complaints about him just vanished. Yes, he too changed for me. He was a party animal and now he has changed a lot! Before our marriage he used to be up for late night parties with his friends. I was not the only person who had left few material things for being together. But we both did! For love sake! Then, I realized I was so self-oriented, I was busy observing only those changes, which were bothering me. I started eating those vegetables, which I used to hate a lot. May be while I used to cook, my habit of tasting food, developed a taste for those stuff, which initially were prepared for Mangesh only. I was so self-centered.

These were small differences in our love story, but enough to have made me realize, I still love him and he loves me. Differences are many between us, in all categories which one can define in a relationship. He kept his mobile aside and turned towards me. With his eyebrows up, he inquired ‘what happened’ and I just gave him a tight hug.

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