A year, a 6 months old baby and 15 countries!


Did you think that after a baby, your travel days are over for at least a while till the baby is old enough to travel? If yes, meet the wanderlust couple Chalukya Mohanraj and Rashmi Pandit Chalukya who visited 15 European countries in 2015 with their then 6 month old daughter!

pisa italy

Chalukya and Rashmi are from Mumbai and have always been avid travelers covering Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Kerala in a short span. They also did some hardcore trekking around places in Mumbai.

They were blessed with a baby girl in June 2014 and soon after Chalukya was offered an onsite opportunity to Switzerland, which the couple seized. They landed in Switzerland in December 2014 and then began their dream journey of traversing through 15 countries with a 6 month baby with them.

Let us see how did they manage to achieve such a big triumph with their baby girl!

The Travel Plan
Since the entire trip was sponsored by their hard earned money, they made sure that they planned their each visit meticulously, writing down the minutest detail and planning every single move. With the baby around, they had to be extra diligent in the planning – the sites to visit, the accommodations, the tickets to famous sightseeing spots etc.

louvre paris

This is how they managed their 15 countries visit in a year, nicely spread through the months of 2015, after landing in Switzerland in December 2014 –

April 2015 – Italy
May 2015 – Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), Prague (Czech Republic), Greece
June 2015 – Paris, Rome and Vatican City with parents who visited them in Switzerland
October 2015 – France (Normandy), Belgium
November 2015 – Portugal, Barcelona (Spain), Amsterdam
December 2015 – UK (England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland)

Managing the Baby
The couple avoided lengthy hours of travels be in a bus or a car. They traveled inter cities by train and to countries by flights to avoid discomfort to the baby. But they still had some restrictions with the baby on board – the complete schedule of their trips and the places to visit had to be preplanned as mentioned earlier. They did all tickets and passes booking in advance to save time and avoid waiting in queues. They carried baby food everywhere which included ragi or rice porridge, 2 milk bottles and a lot of fruit purees. They booked apartments in all cities with well-equipped kitchens to help cook fresh food for the baby. There had to be frequent breaks for rest and feeding to cater to the baby’s needs and avoid her from being cranky. They always came back to their rooms by dusk making sure that the baby has her morning and evening food at home and has proper sleep in the night. They carried 2 extra pair of clothes for the baby and always carried winter wear as you never know when the weather turns chillier. They also kept the baby’s favorite toy and some rhymes handy in order to entertain her during the traveling time.

eiffel paris

Lessons Learnt from the Couple

Chalukya and Rashmi have indeed taught us that if you have the will or passion for something, no problems or restrictions will hinder you from achieving what you want! These globe trekkers wanted to travel, explore new places, experience different cultures and they did exactly that making their daughter a fellow globe trekker with them!

Kudos to the couple and the young globe trekker!

fcb barcelona

halloween amsterdam

The couple also mentions that European transport system and baby friendly paths made the travel much easier than they had anticipated. With their love for travel, they have started their own blog and FB page to share their vivid travel stories and to help other travelers venture out!

So what are you waiting for? Go for it! Don’t let anything restrict you from following your true passion!

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