Aajibaichi Shala – When the wise come to school and how!


A group of grannies, all dressed in Pink Navari Sarees will be a common sight you will see at this novel school named Aajibaichi Shala. A school for grandmothers, this novel concept is brightening the days of many grannies in Thane, Maharashtra. A school which has students aged from 60 years to 90 years!

Stylewhack Team took a peek at this unique school and we were spellbound by it.

The Story of Aajibaichi Shala – 

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Aajibaichi Shala was started by Yogendra Bangar with the help of Motiram Dalal Charitable Trust. The school was started on 08-Mar-2016, last year on the occasion of Women’s Day and it is one of its kinds. The school recently shifted to a bigger premises on 26-Jan-2017 and the grannies could not have been happier.

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Mr. Bangar doesn’t even accept donations for this school as he thinks it is his own baby. He being a teacher himself understands the importance of education. On asked about the inspiration behind starting the school, Mr. Bangar said I started this school after one of the grandmothers said to me that she wished she could read at least the holy books. That’s when I felt the need to do this.” 

The Students Speak

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The single class has 27 students and are taught to read in Marathi, sign and multiply. They have a single teacher who praises her students to be obedient and eager to learn. The oldest of the students, Sitabai Deshmukh aged 90 says “Never in my long life had I thought I would get a chance to go to a school. When I was young, my family was poor and girls didn’t have the chance to go to schools. I have had a new life for the last year.”

All the grannies laugh out loud confessing that they do their homework with their grandkids many of the times!

Beyond the School

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The new premises also has a garden space where every student has planted a sapling. Each of the granny student is responsible for the sapling and have to take care of the plant. Each tree has a number and the name of its caretaker. Kantabai More, aged 65 years says “Now that all of us old ladies are in same class, we have a lot of fun gardening”. The garden and the trees give us a sense of belonging claim these elderly women.

This school definitely made us reinstate that ‘Age is just a number‘. Go out there and touch the skies! All the best to these grannies who are the epitome of wise women.

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