Add glamour to your dining table with these napkin fold ideas



The season of party is at your doorsteps! Friends, Family and all party plans are here. When there’s a party coming over the first thing strikes in your mind is decoration. It is very important to embellish the place where your guests are going to be seated i.e. your dining table. When it comes to decoration part we all give attention to a smallest detail. Cutlery, crockery, candles and flower arrangements are the most noticed part of your table; but most of us forget about napkins. Napkins are very important for table setup and it dose not merely rest on a table; it is an unswerving idiom of personality and ingenuity. You can find different colour napkins in market or you already have it at your home! Many of us have seen different types of napkin fold when we visit to a fine dine restaurant and wonder how do thy make it? And the simple napkin folds are very frequent! So instead of making an easy napkin fold, here are chosen few eye-catching napkin folds you can do in an elfin time. So remove that napkins from the closet or rush to a nearby store and grab some

Lovely Christmas tree Fold

This special Christmas tree napkin fold will unquestionably set up your table in to Christmas mood. You can go for different colours of napkins on cover, these colorful napkins can add up a vivid ambience to your table. Adding a small bow tie on top of every napkin fold will give that final touch.

Christmas-Tree-Napkin-Fold-f christmas-tree-napkin-fold-collage

Lotus fold

This fold will add a feminine pat to your table. This napkin fold gives you to exploit vibrant colours as possible.

20090313-napkinfolding waterlily

Floral fold

For a floral napkin fold you can use patterned napkins. Guests will be astounded to see such a gorgeous paper fold. Shaded napkins will work as a charm.

PaperFlowers_Steps DSCN13181-600x450 a27

Rose fold

These are appealing little folds which look alike to roses. You can use baby pink, red, white, yellow roses or can combine all these colours. These will add a lure to your arrangement

DSCF8472rosa-is-salfetki-urok Copy-of-IMG_7720

The Bunny Fold

These napkin folds look like playful little bunnies. These folds can be done specially for children. Try a small ribbon to enhance look of bunny fold.

bunny-napkin-instructions-large happy-new-year-poster 048a

The Shirt Fold

Simple and sober fun twist for your table napkin, which will surely leave your guest amazed.

table-decor-shirt-napkin-folding-design-2 shirt-napkin-fold

When you add that extraordinary magical touch, to a boring square piece called napkin; your guest and family will remain spell-bound. So don’t waste a moment and try out these napkin folds and be a perfectionist for this party season!



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