Aditya Tiwari: India’s Youngest Single Parent


An Indore youth, Aditya Tiwari, a 28-year-old Pune-based software engineer is an employee of Barclays. He became the youngest single parent in India and adopted a child after fighting all odds.

The heart touching and inspiring story began when Aditya fell in love with Binney, now a one year, nine months old child. Binney, held his finger and refused to let him go. The toddler was abandoned by his parents from Bhopal as he suffers from Down’s syndrome and has a hole in his heart.

Aditya had visited an orphanage of the Missionaries of Charity in Indore to gift few things to the children on account of his father’s birthday in September 2014. He revisited the orphanage a month later and discovered that, Binney was not adopted and no family was willing to do so. That was the moment when he decided that Binney would be his son.

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However, the adoption path was full of odds and struggles. Aditya’s parents initially objected and many other hurdles were to be faced by him in this act of humanity and love. He later found that the Missionaries of Charity are against single-parent adoptions. After trying and failing to convince sisters from the orphanage, he then knocked the doors of the women and child welfare (WCD) department and sent about 100 mails to Maneka Gandhi. Aditya complained to Prime Minister’s Office as well.

Later he had telephonic conversation with Gandhi and she assured him that she was asking the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) to work with the Bhopal Child Welfare Committee and resolve this matter.  Then, following his complaint Binney was ordered to be moved to another adoption agency, Matruchaya, in Bhopal.

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CARA guidelines demanded that one had to be 30 years of age to adopt a child which was revised last year reducing the age requirement to 25 years.  And finally he received a mail to take Binney home between, January 1 to 8.

Binney has got a new name Avnish Tiwari and now lives with his father Aditya in Pune.

This story is a true inspiration to all youngsters in India.

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