Mr. Reevan and Mrs. Garima were blissfully married from last 3 years. He was a handsome hunk with an educated background, fat pay and the gorgeous talented lady as his wife. They made “Made for each other” duo. Like every couple, both tried hard to adjust with each other’s- likes and dislikes. But they never thought that the age old question will bother their marriage too!

Reevan was ravenous. His desire for delicious Kachori, an Indian snack from Garima’s kitchen was at peak. As it is a tedious process to make the snack, Garima was not in a mood for it. But finally for the sake of his love, she got up and started the initial preparations. Her failure in application of sufficient pressure to the dough made it imperfect. So, she craved for little help from Reevan in kneading the dough. Reevan nodded. He kept silent and abated her. Things seemed to be okay till this point when the question wasn’t popped yet.

She interrupted in the whole act and appealed to knead in an appropriate way. And the silence broke between the two. Reevan busted in anger. “I don’t know how to knead; it’s your duty, not mine”. Haa! The question of whose duty was duly answered. He did not stop there and continued, “Do I ask you to do my office work?” Garima thanked him for his help with a smile before he left the room. But she was broken from inside. Sadness clutched her. With fists held tightly she wanted to scream loud. She was not boohoo type, but she was hurt genuinely by Reevan’s words. This was not the first time Reevan displayed this type of attitude, but she forgave him every time for the sake of their relationship. She was mature enough to let go and not to hurt back.

question of gender inequality
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With tears in her eyes, she continued her work while a few questions bogged her mind.

The question – “Did she ask for too much?”

“Is it only her duty to cook?”

“I resigned from my job, career and ambitions just to listen all this?”

Yes! Majority of the men don’t know how to cook. And that’s fine in our so called “Culture”, where it’s a woman’s duty to cook. Even if you want to change the scenario, the deep rooted myths are unbreakable in most of the families. As a mother of a son will keep saying and imbibing “My child is a prince and I never made him work in the kitchen.” “He is meant to work in a kitchen.” “He married you so it’s your duty.”

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Finally after an hour or two, Reevan came to her and tried to help realizing his mistake. But by the time, she had returned from her hatred junket into reality. And with a deep voice asked, “I can do your office work; can you leave everything and baby sit at home, cook and take care of your very own parents?”

Reevan was stumped!

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