He has been known for his quick wit and taking a joke on himself in his stride. He is also quite famous for and hitting it back outside the ground. His one-liners are to die for. So even when SRK met AIB, a group of 4 of the country’s best stand up comedians, it was but expected that he will still be the funniest guy in the room.

The interaction was a very welcome break from the recent politically correct, learnt by heart, interviews that we have been seeing from almost all the stars in the recent times. In this podcast we saw Shah Rukh Khan in a light that us mere mortals, is the closest we can ever dream of being to him. The real him.

He spoke about his frailties, he spoke of his insecurities, his cheap thrills, his disappointments, and also about the day when he wants to lock himself up in a padded room and scream,  “YES I AM SHAH RUKH KHAN. YES I HAVE SAID THIS, YES I HAVE DONE THIS.”

Here are the many moods of SRK caught in an extremely casual, real way.

When he was confronted by Tanmay and Rohan about ditching their plan of playing FIFA together,


Anything and everything he says or does, or does not say or do, becomes a national debate. He explains how he wakes up every morning now:

AIBWhen talking about people getting offended easily, he said,

AIBThe 2 most important pieces of advice that Mr Amitabh Bachchan gave him, were:


“Fan” movie is a sore subject for Shah Rukh Khan. The failure of the film as well as not winning any awards is a sore spot as he confessed. But then in his usual way of laughing at his own mistakes, he taunts the AIB team about their infamous Roast. AIBIn the entire interview you could see the man battling with wanting to say what is in his mind versus what is politically correct. At a point he just gives up and goes with the flow of the interview. Narrating anecdotes about the various weddings that he has been invited to perform to the state of the unorganized stage shows in the 90s, one can see the the man who just loves to entertain.


Shah Rukh Khan says that he is fed up of people coming and telling him that he does the same thing in all his movies.



Breaking some hard hitting myths about stardom, he confessed that stars wake up just as ugly and smelly as regular people.

AIBIt is a known fact that SRK is extremely fond of his fans and he respects them tremendously. He even interacts with them on a regular basis on the social media. He has an important message for all his trolls and haters:


Lastly, while signing off, in his typical SRK style, he says,


The entire interaction is like a breath of fresh air. You just cannot stop that smile on your face during the whole interview.

A big thank you and kudos to AIB for bringing this side of SRK back to us.

Take a look at the entire AIB interview with SRK in two parts here:


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