All India Bakchod or AIB as they are called, never fail to impress us with their absolutely hilarious videos. In the past they have taken up social issues like Yellow journalism, unnecessary big fat weddings and converted them into videos that never fail to strike a chord with us.

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In this latest video we see Mallika Dua as Priya who is having a much needed conversation, or let’s just say ‘panic talk’ with her eternal besties. If you are thinking this bunch of besties as your school/college gang, allow AIB to burst your bubble.

AIB – Besties before Testies!

In this hilarious video you will see Priya battling with her body besties- Vagayenti (Vagina), Clitika (clit) and Geeta-Boobita (boobs). This internal monologue that EVERY girl has had is sure to make you laugh all day.

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