Interesting Facts About Alauddin Khilji You Didn’t Know

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Sultan Alauddin Khilji (1296-1316)

The most powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty didn’t live an easy life. Alauddin Khilji (1296-1316) was a warrior and a ferocious warmonger. He was titled as the second Sultan of the Khilji dynasty and he ruled most of North India in the history of India during his reign.  Khilji was also the first Muslim ruler to conquer South of India. His biography has been read by many history lovers but we are sure many of us are unaware of these interesting facts about ‘The Second Alexander’ as Khilji titled himself during his rule.

Let’s go through the evil side and lesser-known facts of Alauddin Khilji –

Real name

Alauddin Khilji’s real name was Juna Khan.

Acquiring Throne of Khilji Dynasty

Khilji was unhappily married to the daughter of his uncle – Jalaluddin Khilji, Malika-i-Jahan. Alauddin became the sultan of Khilji dynasty in Delhi after killing his uncle and father-in-law, the founder of Khilji dynasty.

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Alauddin Khilji Was Bisexual

There are many loops in this story about the Sultan of Khilji. Many historians claim that the callous ruler of North India was a bisexual and paedophille but there are no concrete proofs of this.

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Purchase At Slave Market

Malik Kafur, his Army Chief was the reason of his successful conquest around India. Historians revealed that Kafur was bought at the slave market in Baccha Bazi – Gujarat. Afghanistan introduced the concept of ‘Baccha Bazi’ in India; wherein male child’s dressed as women were used to entertain people. Alauddin was mesmerized by Malik Kafur’s beauty and thus he purchased him. It’s believed that Khilji has sexual relations with Kafur.

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Alauddin’s Harem

Jayasi mentioned in his poem about Alauddin’s lust for sexual relationships. His sexual desired had reached a level that his harem had more than 70,000 men, women and children. 30,000 women out of these were widows of men Khilji killed in a single day.

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Alauddin Khilji And Rani Padmavati

The Sultan of Delhi had laid his eyes upon the queen of Chittor – Rani Padmavati. To quench his thirst for the queen he falsely befriended her husband, King of Chittor – Maharawal Ratan Singh on the pretext of extending a friendly relationship between Rajputana and Khilji Dynasty.

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The Poignant Story Of Jauhar

Rani Padmavati and the women of Chittor fort decided to commit Jauhar instead of becoming a slave to Alauddin. The woeful wails that came out from the Jauhar Kund in Chittoor continued to haunt Sultan Khilji for years that came by.

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Alauddin Khilji Death Conspiracy

Malik Kafur, Khilji’s right hand and beloved who stood beside him in all his conquest wanted the dynasty to himself. It is believed that he was behind the death conspiracies of Alauddin Khilji. The image shows Khilji’s tomb at Qutb complex, Mehrauli.

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These interesting and rarely known facts about the life of Khilji show his darker and evil side. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is all set to feature Ranveer Singh as Khilji in his upcoming flick Padmavati. Let’s wait to see how Ranveer manages to portray the kohl-eyed Alauddin Khilji on the big screen.

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