ALCOHOL! And it’s ugly turns in India

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For some it’s just for fun; for few stress and emotion busters and for few it’s social connectivity. Alcohol! It has so many different brands, different tastes and different effects. You might have always seen that ad before the movie begins as, “Smoking cigarette is injurious to health.” Same applies to drinking too as, “Drinking alcohol is injurious to health.” You have an idea how drinking habits can and have changed people’s life and might have seen death due to heavy boozing. Why India is dipping itself into ugly liquid? Here’s some facts how alcohol abuse is on in India

 Alcohol abuse in India – Should alcohol be banned?

Alcohol is banned in Gujarat and Manipur but it’s widely consumed by the people of India. Companies that manufacture alcohol and alcoholic drinks see India as one of their major markets because of wide scale consumption. There is a dramatic rise in number of bars and nightclubs in India that serve liquor. Unlike developed countries where people drink responsibly, in India there are large numbers of instances of alcohol abuse. It’s not only loss to the nation but it’s also loss to the families that suffer due to alcohol abuse.

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Drinking Culture

India is a vast country and it’s quite difficult to describe the drinking culture of the country as whole. Generally, people in South India drink more as compared to the whole country. Kerala has the highest per capita consumption rate as compared to the rest of India. Not only Kerala, people of Haryana and Punjab are also heavy drinkers, as per the latest statistics. In some states, where alcohol is banned completely, people do not drink at all. On the average, it’s the rural areas of India, which bears the brunt and has the largest number of heavy drinkers.

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As per the statistics, people in India prefer hard liquor as compared to other light drinks, such as beer. Half of the people who drink in India come under the hazardous category and are in need of immediate help in terms of rehabilitation or other medical help.

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Binge Drinking

The most hazardous form of drinking is called binge drinking where in the person consumes large amount of alcohol in small duration of time. In binge drinking the person may not consume alcohol daily (may be once in a month or week) but whenever he/she does, it’s in large quantity. Binge drinking is most harmful form of drinking alcohol wherein it affects every organ present in the body badly. Under the influence of binge drinking a person may do certain things which he/she may regret later on. Binge drinking also triggers episodes of depression, which are difficult to control and normalize.


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Alcohol abuse

Long back India had reputation of having a culture that did not promote liquor. But things have changed now. Now more and more people are abusing alcohol. In the past the incidents of alcohol abuse were not reported that much but now they are more into limelight. A large number of people are now becoming dependent on it. This makes it hard for them to function normally in society. This kind of behavior has quite drastic effect on the communities. A person who is abusing liquor generally fails to meet social, family and work commitments.

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Underage drinking

Underage drinking alcohol is big problem in India. Generally, the age limit in India for alcohol consumption is 18 to 27 years, depending upon the state in which you live. It’s very common for the young generation to start drinking before legal age limit. There are several problems associated with underage drinking such as poor performance at studies, increased risk of teen suicide, sexual promiscuity, dependence on alcohol in early age, and so on. Opportunities for these people are very limited and their future gets spoiled.

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Companies advertising alcoholic products on family TV channels should be completely banned. Alcohol abuse is a social problem in India and it should not be linked to a particular person. Government gets huge revenue from the sale of alcoholic products so they in particular don’t want to put a ban on alcohol completely. Alcohol mafia, who smuggles and sells alcohol at cheap prices, is on full boom in some states. In our opinion alcohol should be completely banned in India as India is a developing country and people don’t drink responsibly.

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